Name: Zhang Haibo

Professor in School of Materials Science and Engineering

Phone: 86-27-87544307


Academic Areas: Department of

Research Interest

Lead free piezoelectric ceramics and devices,dielectric materials, Electroceramics


Doctor--Materials Science and Engineering--HUST, Wuhan, China--2008

Master--Electronic Science and Engineering--HUST, Wuhan, China--2003

Oversea Study and Visit

Post Doctoral,Technische Universität Darmstadt,Germany,2012-06-01-2013-11-01

Academic Memberships

Honours and Awards

Honours and Awards

[1] Haibo Zhang, Shenglin Jiang, Yike Zeng.,Piezoelectric property in morphotropic phase boundary Bi0.5(Na0.82K0.18)0.5TiO3 lead free thick film deposited by screen printing,Applied Physics Letters,2008,

[2] Haibo Zhang, Shenglin Jiang, Koji Kajiyoshi.,Pyroelectric and dielectric properties of Mn modified 0.82Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-0.18Bi0.5K0.5TiO3 lead-free thick films,Journal of the American Ceramic Society,2009,

[3] Haibo Zhang, Shenglin Jiang, Koji Kajiyoshi, Jianzhong Xiao.,Dielectric, ferroelectric, pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties of La-modified lead-free sodium-potassium bismuth titanate thick films,Journal of the American Ceramic Society,2010,

[4] Haibo Zhang, Shenglin Jiang, Jianzhong Xiao, Koji Kajiyoshi.,Piezoelectric and dielectric aging of lead free piezoelectric Bi0.5(Na,K)0.5TiO3 thick films.,Journal of Applied Physics,2010,

[5] Haibo Zhang*, Shenglin Jiang, Koji Kajiyoshi. ,Nonlinear dielectric properties of (Bi0.5Na0.5) TiO3-based lead-free piezoelectric thick films.,Applied Physics Letters,2011,

[6] Zang Jiadong, Jo Wook, Zhang Haibo, Rödel Jürgen,Bi1/2Na1/2TiO3–BaTiO3 based thick-film capacitors for high-temperature applications,Journal of the European Ceramic Society,2013,