Name: Guo Xiaoping

Professor in School of Journalism and Information Communication

Phone: 86-27-18971079719


Academic Areas: Department of Broadcast Media

Research Interest

Broadcast Media and Digital New Media,Risk Communication and Crisis Communication Management


Doctor--Radio and TV Journalism--Wuhan University,Wuhan,China--2007

Master--Journalism--Wuhan University,Wuhan,China--2004

Oversea Study and Visit

Visiting Scholar,City University of Hong Kong,Hong Kong,China,2011-04-01-

Academic Memberships

Deputy Secretary and Executive ,Education Committee of Journalism and Communication,Higher Education institute of Hubei Province,2013-06-01.

Honours and Awards

2nd Award of Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement in Hubei Province,The People’s Government of HUBEI Province,2013

2nd Award of National Radio and Television academic works,Academic Department of China Radio and Television Association,2013

2nd Award of Hubei Journalism Awards (academic ),Judging panel of Hubei Journalism Award,,2013

Honours and Awards

[1] 1.The Construction of China//s National Environmental Image by Western Media Through the New York Times’ s Global Climate Change Report; Journalism and communication 2010 2.A Critical Analysis of Euphemistic Discourse inEnviroment Communication; Journalism and communication 2012 3.The Thought of Neo-liberalism’s Effect on the Broadcast Industry of Temporary Western; Journalism Quarterly 2008 4.New Media,Citizen Journalists and Good Governance of Enviromental Civil Society in the NIMBY Conflict; Chinese Journal of Journalism and communication 2013 5.Media Literacy Education in Risk Communication; Chinese Journal of International Communication 2008 6.Environmental Risk Communication of Mass Media and the Democracy of Risk Decision-making; Chinese Journal of Journalism and communication 2007 7.Social Mobilization and Risk Communication Strategy of Microblogging in Enviromental Group Envents in 2012 ; Blue Book of New Media(2013)