Name: Yu Hong

Professor in School of Journalism and Information Communication

Phone: 86-27-18971693676


Academic Areas: Department of Communication

Research Interest

Communication theory ; new media studies




Bachelor--English--Huazhong Normal University,Wuhan,China--1992

Oversea Study and Visit

Visiting Scholar,New York State U.,U.S.A,2008-06-02-2009-06-10

Visiting Scholar,City U. of HK,HK. China,2006-06-01-

Visiting Scholar,Westminster U.,UK,2006-10-06-

Visiting Scholar,Queensland U.,Australia,2004-04-30-

Academic Memberships

Honours and Awards

Excellence Award of Young Social Scientists,Hubei Provincial Government,2012

Excellence Career Award of Female ,Wuhan municipal Government,2011

Honours and Awards

[1] 1.Yu Hong On the Measurement of Online Opinion Leadership Journalism University, , No. 2, 2008. (in Chinese) 2.Yu Hong On the Online Opinion Leadership Filtering Model Journalism and Communication Research, No. 2, 2008. (in Chinese) 3.Yu Hong On the Stability of the Online Leadership Journalism and Communication Research, No. 6, 2008. (in Chinese) 4.Yu Hong Analysis on the Different Types of Online BBS Participants Journal of HUST (social science edition), No.6, 2007. (in Chinese) 5.Yu Hong Research on the Filtering Model of Online Opinion Leaders paper presented at the Annual Conference of Online Communication in China, October 12-14, Wuhan, China. (in Chinese). 6.Yu Hong On Communication and Information Science paper presented at the First Conference of Social Information Research Center, June 13-14, Wuhan, China. (in Chinese). 7.Yu Hong Strong Nation Forum:The Expression of Grassroots’ Opinion or the Stage of the Elites? Analysis of the Interactive Pattern of Strong Nation Forum In-Depth-Discussion-Channel presented at 15th AMIC Annual Conference, July 17-20, PENANG, Malaysia. (in English) 8.Yu Hong The Limits and Potentials of Online Opinion in China under Social Transition presented at the Media and Society Conference during June 17-18, in London, UK. (in English) 9.Yu Hong Women and the Internet: A Survey on the Adoption of the Internet of Women in Wuhan City presented at the IPR Conference during December 14-18,2004 in Brisbane, Australia. (in English) 10.Yu Hong & Liu Xin On DANWEI and the Attainment of Status: Is the Institutes of DANWEI Declining in China? Sociological Research. 2004(in Chinese) 11.Yu Hong On the Reliability and Validity of News Contents Analysis\ Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Social Edition). (in Chinese)