Name: Xu Shen

Professor in School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Phone: 86-27-13007112205


Academic Areas: Department of Architecture

Research Interest

Architectural design Urban planning Green building design, Ecological city, Building energy efficiency, Solar architecture, Green campus


Doctor--Ph.D. in Sustainalbe Architecture--University of Sheffield--2014

Master--M.S. in Building Technology--Tsinghua University--2003

Bachelor--B.Arch--Huazhong University of Science and Technology--2000

Oversea Study and Visit

Joint Research,University of Sheffield,UK,2009-06-01-2014-08-31

Academic Memberships

National Registered Planner,The Architectural Society of China,The Architectural Society of China,2009-01-01.2015-11-17

Level 1 National Registered Architect,China Association of City Planning,China Association of City Planning,2008-01-01.2015-11-17

Member of China Green Building Council, Green campus study group ,Green campus study group ,China Green Building Council,2011-07-01.2015-11-17

Member of China Green Building Youth Council,China Green Building Youth Council,China Green Building Council,2010-11-01.2015-11-17

Honours and Awards

Science and Technology Progress Award of Hubei province ,Science and Technology Department of Hubei province,2013

First Prize in Solar water heating systems and building integrated design competition of Hubei province,Awards Sector, Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Hubei Province,2012

Honours and Awards

[1] The Development Barrier and Potential of Building Integrated Photovoltaicin the Viewpoint of Architects. Huazhong Architecture

[2] Photovoltaic building’s holistic shape and detail design, Architectural Journal

[3] Experience and inspiration of urban-scale building integrated photovoltaics in Netherlands case study on photovoltaic residential area of Nieuwland. Huazhong Architecture

[4]  A case study of the carbon positive project: G.Park Blue Planet. World Architecture

[5] Case study on the application of solar photovoltaic in the building renovation. New architecture

[6] New Development of Foreign Passive Solar Architecture .Huazhong Architecture

[7] Prototype study of the solar building large-scale application simulation study of the urban form and solar availability. Huazhong Architecture

[8] Integrated design of solar landscape. Chinese Landscape Architecture

[9] Optimal PV cell coverage ratio for semi-transparent photovoltaics on office building façades in central China. Energy and Buildings.(SCI)

[10] Energy performance comparison among see-through amorphous-silicon PV glazings and traditional glazings under different architectural conditions in China. Energy.(SCI)