Name: Chen Weihong

Professor in School of Public Health

Phone: 86-27-83691677


Academic Areas: Department of Occupational and Environmental Health

Research Interest

1.Health effects of dust particles exposure especially respiratory risks. 2.The pathogenic mechanism of dust particles to cause cardiopulmonary diseases. 3.Evaluation of personal respiratory protection equipment.


Doctor--Occupational and Environmental Health--Essen Unviersity, Germany--2001

Master--Occupational disease and health--Tongji Medical University, Wuhan,China--1993

Bachelor--Prevetive medicine--Tongji Medical Universtiy, Wuhan,China--1990

Oversea Study and Visit

Oversea Training,School of Medicine, Essen University,Germany,1999-03-01-2003-11-30

Visiting Scholar,National Institution for Occupational Health and Safety,USA,1996-01-01-1996-07-10

Academic Memberships

Honours and Awards

Honours and Awards

[1] Wang L, Weng S, Wen S, Shi T, Sun G, Zneg Y, Qi C, Chen W*,Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans and their association with cancer mortality among workers in one automobile foundry factory,Sci Total Environ,2013,2013, 443:104-111

[2] Guo J, Gu N, Chen J, Shi T, Zhou Y, Rong Y, Zhou T, Yang W, Cui X, Chen W*.,Neutralization of interleukin‑1 beta attenuates silica‑induced lung inflammation and fibrosis in C57BL/6 mice., Arch Toxicol.,2013,2013, 87:1963–1973

[3] Leung CC*, Yu ITS, Chen W,Silicosis., Lancet,2012,2012 ,379:2008-18

[4] Liu Y, Steenland K, Rong Y, Hnizdo E, Huang X, Zhang H, Shi T, Sun Y, Wu T, Chen W*,Exposure-Response Analysis and Risk Assessment for Lung Cancer in Relation to Silica Exposure: A 44-year Cohort Study of 34,018 Workers,Am J Epidemiol,2013,178(9):1424-33

[5] Chen W*, Liu Y, Wang H, Hnizdo E, Sun Y, Su L, Zhang X, Weng S, Bochmann F, Hearl F, Chen J, Wu T*,Long-Term Exposure to Silica Dust and Risk of Total and Cause-Specific Mortality in Chinese Workers: A Cohort Study,PLoS Med,2012,2012,9(4),e1001206