Name: Yang Xuefeng

Professor in School of Public Health

Phone: 86-27-18672969232


Academic Areas: Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene

Research Interest

Dietary intervention on insulin resistance and diabetes


Doctor--Nutrition--Tongji Medical College of HUST,Wuhan,China--2005

Master--Nutrition--Tongji Medical College of HUST,Wuhan,China--2001

Bachelor--Public Health--Tongji Medical University,Wuhan,China--1998

Oversea Study and Visit

Visiting Scholar,Department of Nutrition of Gillings School of Global Public Health of UNC at Chapel Hill,USA,2010-12-05-2012-06-05

Academic Memberships

Honours and Awards

Honours and Awards

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[5] Li X, Wang X, Liu R, Ma Y, Guo H, Hao L, Yao P, Liu L, Sun X, He K, Cao W, Yang X*. ,Chronic leucine supplementation increases body weight and insulin sensitivity in rats on high-fat diet likely by promoting insulin signaling in insulin-target tissues. ,Mol Nutr Food Res. ,2013,

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