Name: Du Yimei

Professor in Wuhan Union Hospital

Phone: 86-27-85726462


Academic Areas: Department of Cardiology

Research Interest

Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, Cardiovascular Immunology


Doctor--Physiology--Tongji Medical College,HUST,China--2007

Master--Pathophysiology --Tongji Medical University,China--1997

Bachelor--Clinical Medicine--Taishan Medical College,Shandong--1994

Oversea Study and Visit

Post Doctoral,Department of Physiology, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center,United States,2004-01-12-2007-06-29

Visiting Scholar,Department of Physiology, Kanazawa Medical University, ,Japan,2000-03-10-2001-03-10

Academic Memberships

Honours and Awards

Third Place Winner Award of Excellent Paper,Wuhan Association for Science and Technology,2012

Honours and Awards

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[2] Fu XX, Du LL, Zhao N, Dong Q, Liao YH, Du YM.,18beta-Glycyrrhetinic acid potently inhibits Kv1.3 potassium channels and T cell activation in human Jurkat T cells,J Ethnopharmacol,2013,

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