Name: Gao Zairong

Professor in Wuhan Union Hospital

Phone: 86-27-85726426


Academic Areas: Department of Nuclear Medicine

Research Interest

Molecular imaging diagnosis and radionuclide targeted therapy in oncology


Doctor--Imageology and Nuclear Medicine--Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China--2004

Master--Nuclear Medicine--Tongji Medical University, Wuhan, China--1990

Bachelor--Medicine--Tongji Medical University, Wuhan, China--1987

Oversea Study and Visit

Visiting Scholar,Bonn University Hospital, Bonn, Germany,Germany,2003-10-01-2004-08-31

Academic Memberships

Vice-Director,Young Professionals Committee ,Chinese Society of Nuclear Medicine,2008-11-01.2012-05-31

Vice-Director,Commission for examination and assessment of doctors ,Chinese Medical Doctor Association of Nuclear Medicine,2011-04-01.

Committee Member,Expert Committee of Thyroid Carcinoma,Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology,2013-08-01.

Committee Member, Vice-Director of therapy group,Chinese Society of Nuclear Medicine,Chinese Medical Association,2011-08-01.

Honours and Awards

The First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award,The people//s Government of Hubei Province,2008

The Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award,Wuhan Municipal People//s Government,2008

The Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award,Ministry of education,2009

The Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award,Chinese Medical Association,2011

The First Prize of Excellent Academic Thesis of Natural Science,The personal department of Hubei province, The science and technology department of Hubei province, Hubei Association for science and technology ,2006

Honours and Awards

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