Name: Cheng Bin

Professor in Tongji Hospital

Phone: 86-27-83663333


Academic Areas: Department of Digestive System

Research Interest

HBx-associated Hepatocellular carcinoma(HCC),HCC cancer stem cells


Doctor--Digestive System--University of Bonn,Germany--2002

Master--Digestive System--Tongji Medical University,Wuhan,China--1994

Bachelor--Clinical Medcine--Tongji Medical University,Wuhan,China--1989

Oversea Study and Visit

Oversea Training,Endoscopy center of medical college,University of Saarland ,Germany,1999-04-01-2000-01-31

Academic Memberships

Committee member,The endoscopic ultrasonography group,The Chinese society for digestive endoscopy,.

Honours and Awards

Honours and Awards

[1] Cheng B, Caselmann WH, et al.,Alteration of Human DNA repair enzymes hMTH1, hOGG1 and hMYH expression with respect to 8-hydroxy-2´-deoxyguanosine DNA adduct levels in hepatocellular carcinoma.,Journal of Hepatology.,2002,

[2] Cheng B, Caselmann WH, et al.,Human DNA repair enzymes hMTH1 and hMYH control 8-hydroxy-2´-deoxyguanosine levels due to oxidative DNA damage in hepatocellular carcinoma and may have a potential role in hepatocarcinogenesis.,Hepatology.,2001,

[3] Christoph Juengst, Bin Cheng, Wolfgang H,et al.,Oxidative damage is increased in human liver tissue adjacent to hepatocellular carcinoma. ,Hepatology.,2004,

[4] Bin Cheng, Yaochu Zheng , Xiaorong Guo, Ying Wang and Chunyan Liu.,Hepatitis B viral X protein alters the biological features and expressions of DNA repair enzymes in LO2 cells.,Liver Int.,2010,

[5] Fan Wang, Haiyan Zhou, Xiumei Xia, Qian Sun, Ying Wang, Bin Cheng.,Activated Notch signaling is required for hepatitis B virus X protein to promote proliferation and survival of human hepatic cells.,Cancer Lett.,2010,

[6] Jing Luo , Haiyan Zhou , Fan Wang, Xiumei Xia, Qian Sun, Ronghua Wang, Bin Cheng.,The hepatitis B virus X protein downregulates NF-κB signaling pathways through decreasing the Notch signaling pathway in HBx-transformed L02 cells.,International Journal of Oncology.,2013,

[7] Qian Sun, Ronghua Wang, Yan Wang, Jing Luo, Peng Wang ,Bin Cheng.,Notch1 is a potential therapeutic target for the treatmentof human hepatitis B virus X protein-associated hepatocellular carcinoma.,Oncol Rep.,2014,