Name: Chu Qian

Professor in Tongji Hospital

Phone: 86-27-83663630


Academic Areas: Department of Thoracic Oncology

Research Interest

The Chu laboratory studies the molecular genetics of lung cancer and gliblastoma. The focus is on the Notch pathways, which play a key role in cancer stem cells.


Doctor--Neurology--Tongji Medical University, Wuhan, China--2004

Bachelor--Clinical Medicine--Tongji Medical University, Wuhan, China--1999

Oversea Study and Visit

Post Doctoral,Johns Hopkins University,U.S.A,2011-01-20-2012-09-13

Academic Memberships

Committee Member,Chinese Psycho-oncology Society,China Anticancer Association,2013-10-18.2016-10-17

Honours and Awards

The second grade prize of young doctor lecture contest,Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (CACA),2009

Honours and Awards

[1] Chu Q, Orr BA, Semenkow S, Bar EE, Eberhart CG. ,Prolonged Inhibition of Glioblastoma Xenograft Initiation and Clonogenic Growth Following In Vivo Notch Blockade.,Clin Cancer Res.,2013,