Name: Wang Jianming

Professor in Tongji Hospital

Phone: 86-27-83665395


Academic Areas: Department of Biliary and Pancreatic Surgery and Endoscopic Surgery Center

Research Interest

Cell polarization and reconstruction; Epithelial cell mesenchymal transition in cancer; Molecular targeted therapy; Clinical nutrition, metabolism and support.


Doctor--General Surgery--Tongji Medical University, Wuhan, China--2000

Master--General Surgery--Tongji Medical University, Wuhan, China--1995

Bachelor--Clinical Medicine--Tongji Medical University, Wuhan, China--1992

Oversea Study and Visit

Visiting Scholar,The Affiliated Hospital of Universitaetklinikum Heidelberg ,Germany,-

Visiting Scholar,International Endoscopy Center of Strasbourg,France,-

Visiting Scholar,The Affiliated Hospital of Nagoya University,Japan,-

Academic Memberships

Contributing editor ,Chinese Journal of Practical Surgery,Chinese Journal of experimental surgery,Chinese Journal of Practical Surgery,Chinese Journal of experimental surgery,.

National Youth Committeey ,Minimally Invasive Surgery Branch,Chinese Medical Doctor Association ,.

Oncology Expert ,The National Natural Science Foundation of China,The National Natural Science Foundation of China,.

Honours and Awards

Third Prize for Science and Technology Progress Award of Hubei,The government of Hubei province,2008

First Prize for Progress in Science and Technology of Wuhan,The government of Wuhan,2008

Honours and Awards

[1] Guang-Sheng Du, Jian-Ming Wang‘,Jin-Xi Lu, Qiang Li, Chao-Qun Ma, Ji-Tao Du, Sheng-Quan Zou, Expression of P-aPKC-, E-Cadherin, and β-Catenin Related to Invasion and Metastasis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma,Annals of Surgical Oncology,2009,

[2] Jian-Ming Wang, Qiang Li, Guang-Sheng Du, Jin-Xi Lu, Sheng-Quan Zou,Significance and Expression of Atypical Protein Kinase C-ι in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma,Journal of Surgical Research,2009,

[3] Li Qiang, Jian-Ming Wang //, Liu Cong, Xiao Bao-Lai, Lu Jin-Xi, Zou Sheng-Quan.,Correlation of aPKC- and E-cadherin expression with invasion and prognosis of cholangiocarcinoma,Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Diseases International,2008,

[4] Ma CQ, Yang Y, Wang JM‘, Du GS, Shen Q, Liu Y, Zhang J, Hu JL, Zhu P, Qi WP, Qian YW, Fu Y,The aPKCι blocking agent ATM negatively regulates EMT and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma.,Cell Death and Disease,2014,