Name: Zhu Suiqiang

Professor in Tongji Hospital

Phone: 86-27-83662636


Academic Areas: Department of Neurology

Research Interest

Epilepsy, Parkinson Disease


Doctor--Neurology--Tongji Hospital, Wuhan, China--1986

Master--Neurology--Tongji Medical University, Wuhan, China--1993

Bachelor--Clinical Medicine --Tongji Medical University, Wuhan, China--1986

Oversea Study and Visit

Academic Memberships

Committee,Neurology,Chinese Medical Association,2013-10-10.2014-04-01

Honours and Awards

Honours and Awards

[1] Zhu suiqiang,The Imbalanced Expression of Adenosine Receptors in an Epilepsy Model Corrected Using Targeted Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation.,Molecular Neurobiology,2013,