Name: Zhao Tiyu

Professor in Tongji Hospital

Phone: 86-27-13871029678


Academic Areas: Operating Room,Tongji Hospital

Research Interest

Nursing management,Surgical Patient Safety and OR Nurse Education


Master--Public Health Administration--Tongji Medical College, Wuhan, China--2005

Oversea Study and Visit

Oversea Training,Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore, Singapore,Singapore,1995-06-01-1997-05-31

Visiting Scholar,BoxHill Hospital,Austin Hospital,Australia,2004-07-01-2004-09-30

Academic Memberships

Honours and Awards

Honours and Awards

[1] First Author,Applying accreditation standars of cooperation for Transparency and quality in healthcare to improve management quality in operating room,Chin J Nurs,2013,

[2] First Author,Application of PDCA cycle in management of rent instruments in operating room,Journal of Nursing Science,2013,

[3] First Author,Development and application of security gated management system in digitalized operating room,Chin J Nurs,2012,

[4] First Author,Effect of specialty-oriented training on comprehensive ability of novice nurses in operating room,Journal of Nursing Science,2012,

[5] First Author,Barcode-assisted management process reengineering for high-cost staplers in operating room,Journal of Nursing Science,2011,

[6] First Author,Application of Rogers’ science of unitary human beings to Cesarean section women,Journal of Nursing Science,2011,