My Life at HUST
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学号 Student ID. No.: I201222057


国籍 Nationality: Thailand

入学年月 Enrollment Y/M: 2012/09

毕业年份 Graduation Y/M: 2016/06

学习专业 Enrolled Major: Public Administration

所在院系 Registered School: College of Public Administration

指导教师 Supervisor(Postgraduate only)Prof. Dr. Wang GuoHua

所获学位 Degree AwardedPh. D.

My name is KITTISAK PRUKKANONE and you can call me in Chinese as 林香珊 (LIN XiangShan), I have been working for Ministry Natural Resources and Environment of Thailand, and I have come to study Ph.D. in China four years ago.

During the years, I have been at the wonderful university like “HUST” which impressed me since I was a new Ph.D. student in 2012 until this time that I am the one of Ph.D. graduates in Public Administration. All time in this university was very fruitful and recognized as a valuable memorial of my life.

To begin with, I would like to express my first impression when I walked onto the campus and I knew it was the right place for me. This is a leading university in the Top Ten Ranking of China that surrounding with the beautiful environment and the greenery coverage. Moreover, the enthusiastic atmosphere of education both the lecturers and students, including the diversity of schools, departments, and research fields in HUST which are as the academic think-tank of China those are enchanted me at first sight. These great contributions always made me very glad and so proud that I became as a member of HUST Family.

As the international student, my humanity is fulfilled by many activities and great moments with several people both Chinese and the other foreigners in the various aspects. All of them are wonderful people, who are capable and full of endless potential. I had the opportunity to study with people of various ages and ethnicities, as well as the additional opportunities to work and enjoy with people from around the world. This is difficult to comprehend how much we can learn from each other until we are given that opportunity and I know that I was given that opportunity here at HUST.

My journey in HUST to this day has been filled with many challenges which normally happen to everyone when we went to study abroad, but fortunately, these gave me many chances to meet new people and make new friends. Particularly, my best friend ever, the team staffs of International Student Office (ISO) those never say “no” to me and their assistances are reliable and helpful in any situation which I would like to thank all of you in this occasion for your sincere encouragement and valuable resources those brought about to my attainment of graduation.

Besides the ISO, I would like to express my appreciation to Government of China, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Kingdom of Thailand, and China Scholarship Council (CSC), for helping make my dream come true with this graduation and accompanying this successful with me. Continued support towards the universities scholarship program from all of yours is imperative. For me, those of you are alliance to continue cycle of mutual assistance between China and Thailand that will hopefully go on as the friendly-countries prosper.

Now, after four years in HUST that comprised with the delightful in my living and the hard work in my study, it was over and I am ready to move on. Whereas, HUST is always being a part of my life, I will never forget the good things and people that I have met at this wonderful university. Many of the friends those I have met and the teachers those I have had the privilege to learn from, have made significant impacts on my life and I want to sincerely thank you for giving me the best four years of my life!

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