ADHIKARI: Wuhan in My Heart, Now and Forever
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Prarthana Adhikari, a student from Nepal, will be graduating with a master's degree in dermatology this month and leaving for her home country soon.

She came as a tourist to Wuhan in 2014. Because her husband was doing his PhD from Huazhong University of Science & Technology, she decided to pursue her master's degree in the same city.

Adhikari said that her "connection to this city is indeed a beautiful blessing," and "the scholarship to study in the same university as my husband was indeed an extended honeymoon to begin our lives together."

As a medical student, I have the great opportunity to work in Union Hospital. It gives me immense joy to be with excellent colleagues in the art dermatology department. My professor/ mentor has an incredible memory and up-to-date knowledge in the field of dermatology. Through him I am able to access all major dermatology research papers including recent advancements. My studies have presented huge challenges, but have been a great learning experience from a wonderful teacher.

Life in Wuhan will be an experience to remember, especially shopping in Jianghan Lu and also like local Chinese women —shopping online using Taobao — my favorite virtual hangout. Traveling around Wuhan has always been exciting, especially Hanjie (Han Street), with its majestic lights. Boating was fun at East Lake, and walking along the lakeside made me feel like I was living in a dream. Spanish Street, German Street and Italian Street in Optics Valley give the city a western look.

Being a foodie, there is no better place than China, and delicious local Wuhanese food in Hubu Alley never fails to stimulate my taste buds. Even non-Chinese food is worth mentioning, especially Brazilian Barbeque, Indonesian dishes in Show Tea & Coffee, and Starbucks Coffee in the basement at the hospital where I work. Bargaining with local vegetable vendors has become a weekly routine, and like most Chinese people I too have a passion for trying new food. Sometimes I try to cook a new dish with many successes and an occasional disaster.

I would say that my stay in Wuhan is and will be the most precious part of my life, indeed a golden inning. Therefore I must admit My Wuhan Connection as a Home outside my home country, honeymoon city and career and dream builder city. I will definitely miss Wuhan and China, but the wonderful memories will remain fresh forever.

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