Int'l Students Visit ZTE Corp.
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       Students from Telecommunication Engineering visited ZTE (Zhongxing Telecom Equipment) Corporation in the afternoon, December 12, 2012. They got a general idea of the company through a lecture and deeper knowledge was gained after having visited the workshops and talked to the staffs in charge.

       ZTE Corporation is a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. Through its network of operators across 140 countries, the company delivers innovative products and business solutions. It connects global customers via voice servers, data distributors, multimedia services and WLAN. Founded in 1985, ZTE is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchange indexes and is recognized as the largest telecoms equipment company in China.

      The atmosphere during the lecture was quite lively because of some interactive links between the lecturer and the visiting students. Offering incentives is an important technique for products distribution or sales promotion. That idea is put into practice at ZTE Corporation. “What is interesting is that, any one present using a ZTE cell phone could get a cup as a gift,” said one of the students who referred to the incentive program.  

     In the workshops, company staffs were surrounded by the students who were attentively listening to their utility analysis of products and who kept asking questions about the company. 

     After some hours of observations, the students showed profound satisfaction from the visit since it was such a great chance for them to get a closer look at a real life practice of what they were learning in school. In turns, this kind of events provides an opportunity for a large company like ZTE to get some ways of publicity and the ability to spread their innovative enterprise culture among university students, who are faced with employment uncertainty and will be hunting for jobs in the future.





ZTE Corps taking photo with the Students and Teachers of HUST

Lively Lecture

Company Staffs Surrounded by the Students 

Photographed by Zhong Shujin

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