Moroccan Student Dani participates the design of the Wuhan's image logo competition
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Dani, a foreign student from Agadir, Morocco, is working on a master's degree on Industrial Engineering in HUST. He participates the design of the Wuhan's image logo competition.

As a enthusiastic designer, he began to learn how to design the logos when he was 19 years old by himself and had made a lots of logos for the companies all over the world, such as America, Canada and so on. When he got the information of this competition in the newspaper, he was very exciting and had made 5 samples of the logo in 4 days. "I love Wuhan, the kind people and the leisure feeling it gives to me makes me feel like being in my hometown. In my opinion, the people, the lakes, the colors of green and blue make the image of Wuhan for me. "

In order to design a logo which can represent the unique feature of Wuhan, he has traveled around Wuhan to get ideas. The Yellow Crane Tower, the modern buildings, the spicy food, the hot weather, the East Lake, etc. These elements of Wuhan are merged into these logos. "I want to show you a combination of a modern city and a home that has a long and rich history.”

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