First Chinese Songs Competition for Chinese Language Students Successfully Held
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In the evening of May.27th, over 100 international students from 11 classes watched the Chinese Songs Competition for Chinese Language Students held in the International Student Activity Center. 34 Chinese Language Students from over 20 countries participated in the competition and displayed their high-level Chinese language proficiency and singing skills.


This competition was divided into two parts, each covering 7 songs in the order of classes with the judges as the rich-experienced Chinese teacher Ms.He Li, the top 10 singer in the School of Electrical Engineering Dang Qi and officer from the International Student Office Ms. Yan Wei. The hosts included Joseph from Dominican Republic, Olha from Ukraine, Jia Jun He from Germany and Yasmine from Cote d'Ivoire. The competition started with PPT and videos that showed the charm of the performers and their class in a warm atmosphere, which raised the expectation of the audience towards the performances from their classes.


A Chinese song Hometown sang with guitar played by Liam from New Zealand in Class A1 brought everyone into the rhythmed and homesick song. Followed was the song Hidden Wings performed by Korean student Minji Park and Mongolian student Akhmarzhan Islambek from Class A2, their sweet voice invoked the remarks from the audience as “They sound like Teresa Teng! ” Fairy Tale by Mongolian student Bayarsaikkhan Battushig from C2 was so tender and gentle that all the audience could not help singing with him. Wonderful moments continued without stop, which witnessed the chorus from Class B3 and C1 that displayed the class union and harmony. The antiphonal singing from Class D and E was either combined with deep feelings or sweet mood. Solo from Class C2, E and F demonstrated the singers’ extraordinary stage manners and competence as well, Cheering up from the audience never came to an halt throughout the competition and it hit a new high when the class supervisors Afra and Betty sang two popular Chinese songs when the competition drew near to an close. Both teacher and students performed on the stage and hereby songs were like the bridge that brought them closer to each other.



Finally Nehemie from Democratic Republic of the Congo in Class C2 won the first prize by One Thousand Years Later and Moroccan student Baiya and Malaysian student Al Rashid Mohammad Zul from B4 won the second prize by Little Dimple, while the third prize went to Liam from New Zealand in Class A1 by Hometown and Julia from Republic of Lithuania in B1 by Zebra.


"I enjoyed this competition very much and every contestant performed so well. I not only learn better about my classmates around and but also acquire the new motivation to learn Chinese well!” said Jessica, a Philippine student. “I wish this activity could last since I see another side of my students which really surprises me a lot. This is also a good channel for the teachers and students for further communication and closer relationship.”



It’s said that the 1st Chinese Songs Competition for Chinese Language Students was held by the School of International Education, aiming at providing the Chinese language students a platform to show their Chinese language skills and their talents. Cultural activities in different themes and forms are held each semester and this is the grandest one among Chinese classes for this semester, which is an important part to encourage the Chinese students to study and communicate with each other.













序号   班级      表演曲目           表演者

 1       A1       《故乡》            李安   

 2       A1    《多爱我一天》     杜兰,崔俞辰  
 3       A2    《隐形的翅膀》     朴敏智,郑蓉  
 4       B1       《斑马》           尤娜  
 5       B2     《依然爱你》       何米  黎文胜 吉他 
 6       B3    《北京欢迎你》     杨洋,严波,安迪,高飞,单福, 苏米雅,杜兰,吉玛,武空邦  
 7       B4       《小酒窝》        林俊杰 白娅   
 8       C1  《月亮代表我的心》 孔明,孙杨,金旼范,朴宣馨,马丽  下半场
 9       C2    《一千年以后》      何民  
 10     C2        《童话》           白彦  
 11      D     《我的歌声里》     裴玲、胡蕾  
 12      E         《人质》           约瑟夫  
 13      E         《安静》           邢嘉玲,邢嘉慧  
 14      F       《好久不见》   

                《外面的世界》串烧  何镓俊  





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