Notice on the Holiday Arrangement for Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day
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To all international students,                                                                                                   Sep 26, 2023

According to the University’s arrangement of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday, students, faculties, and staff will have eight days off for the holiday. The holiday is from Sep 29 to Oct 6. Classes will be hold as usual on Oct 7 (Saturday) and Oct 8 (Sunday). The teaching arrangement during the holiday shall be implemented according to the notice of Undergraduate School and Graduate School.

International students who will stay on campus during the holidays must pay attention to fire safety, do not use high-power electrical appliances, and report to the staff of the dormitory if leaving the campus for more than two days. Students who plan to travel must abide by laws and regulations, strengthen personal prevention, beware of fraud, and ensure personal and property safety. In the event of an emergency, please immediately contact dormitory staff, school counselors or the teacher on duty of the International Student Office.

Have a safe and restful holiday.

School of International Education







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