Notice on Application for Residence Permit During Winter Vacation
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1.申请居留许可的邮件:标题格式必须为RP application+your student ID+your passport number;(示例邮件标题:RP application+I202322111+AB1234567),否则为无效邮件;

2.提交居留许可的邮件:标题格式必须为RP submission +your student ID +your passport number;(示例邮件标题:RP submission +I202322111+AB1234567),否则为无效邮件;







Notice on Application For Residence Permit During Winter Vacation

Dear students,

The winter vacation has begun, and the procedures of residence permit application during the winter vacation is hereby notified as follows:

I. Objects of Handling

1. International students applying for RP extension (not for students returning to China during winter vacation): The RP application email must be sent to the designated mailbox in the prescribed format before January 15;

2. Overseas return-to-school international students applying for RP: (1) Join the WeChat group for overseas return-to-school international students (pls contact your ISO coodinator), (2) Must apply for RP within 30 days after entering China;

3. International students applying for PR replacement: Relevant laws stipulate that after the replacement of foreigners' passports, they need to apply to the Wuhan Exit and Entry Administration for a replacement within 10 days, and provide application materials related to the change.

II. Application Prerequisites

1. Whether it is a scholarship student or a self-funded student, the insurance for international students in China should be valid until at least July 31, 2023, and the validity period of the residence certificate will not exceed the validity period of the insurance;

2. Self-funded students also need to pay tuition fees and accommodation fees for the spring semester of 2023 in advance.

III. Basic Process

Step 1: Carefully read the attached Guide to the Application for Residence Permit for International Students(INSTRUCTION);

Step 2: Fill in and submit the application for RP through the Alipay applet of Wuhan Immigration;

Step 3: Send the RP application email to;

Step 4: Collect materials at Window 1 of the HUST Administrative Service Centre the afternoon (14:30-17:00) the next day after sending the mail (Friday, Saturday and Sunday mail will receive materials on Monday afternoon);

Step 5: When you go to Wuhan Immigration to apply for RP, you must bring all the required materials;

Step 6: After obtaining the RP, a scanned copy or photo of the residence permit must be sent to the email, otherwise it will affect the student's subsequent visa processing.

IV. Mail Requirements

1. Email applying for residence permit: The title format must be "RP application+your student ID+your passport number" (e.g. RP application+I202322111+AB1234567), otherwise it is invalid;

2. Emails submitting residence permits: The title format must be "RP submission +your student ID + your passport number" (e.g. RP submission +I202322111+AB1234567), otherwise it will be invalid;

3. The application email must attach a scanned copy or photo of the personal information page of the passport, a scanned copy or photo of the temporary accommodation registration form. Self-funded students also need to provide proof of payment of tuition fees and accommodation fees at the same time, otherwise the application will be invalid.

A valid residence permit is a necessary condition for foreigners to live legally in China for a long time. Dear students, while enjoying the holiday, don't forget your residence permit!

International Student Office

School of International Education

January 9, 2023


Guidance for International Student RP Application (Instruction)

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