2024 Application Guide for International Graduate Students
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➭Disciplines and Duration

Field of Study


Language of Instruction



Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Literature, Arts, Education and Law


3 years

2 years


4 years



3 years


3-4 years


For more information about the programs, please visit the program list at http://iso.hust.edu.cn/.

Eligibility and Requirements

- Education background

Outstanding academic performance and potential.

Applicants for Master’s programs should have been conferred the Bachelor’sDegree or above, be under the age of 35;

Applicants for Doctoral programs should have been conferred the Master’s Degree or above, be under the age of 40;

Both should be equivalent to those of the Chinese related degrees.

- Language Proficiency

Chinese Medium:

HSK 4 with scores 180 or above for programs of Science and Engineering;

HSK5 with scores 180 or above for programs of Medicine, Economics, Management, Literature, and Education.

HSK 5 with scores 200 or above for programsoffered in Tongji Hospital and Union Hospital.

Or the previous degree was instructed in Chinese.

English Medium:

TOEFL 80 or above;

GRE General 310 or above;

IELTS 6.0 or above;

other certificates of the same proficiency level which are accepted by HUST;

Or the previous degree was instructed in English.

- Grade Point Average

3/4, 3.75/5, or 75%.

Being various in different countries, GPA systemsor theother equivalent systems are all accepted by the university.


1. The above-mentioned requirements are the basic standard for all graduate applicants for HUST, not equal to the admission criteria which is decided by the individual department and might be higher.

2. Current students can submit an enrollment certificate as the qualification certificate. Furthermore, the required degree certificate should be submitted upon registration if officially admitted.

Application and Admission Procedures

Application Period:

November 1, 2023 to January 31, 2024.

Step 1.

Log in to the online application system athttp://admission.hust.edu.cn/.

Step 2.

Choose a program, upload theAcademic Documents,complete and submit yourapplication.

Step 3.

Take the Online Language Proficiency Test in the form of objective questions.


Finish the payment of the application fee after passing the online Test.


The application will be reviewed by the International Admission and Cooperation Office, SIE, HUST.

Close attention to the status of your application process and your email account is highly recommended.


Applications will be evaluated by the school/department concerned.

Applicants that pass the evaluation will receive a Nomination Letter for Admission.

Step 7.

Upload theNon-Academic Documents.


The university will select scholarship candidates among the applicants, and nominate them to the relevant authority.


The university will issue theAdmission NoticeandVisa Application Formto both scholarship winners and self-support students.


1. Nomination Letter for Admission is a document issued by HUST to indicate that you are nominated for acceptance to study at HUST. The final decision for admission will be determined by HUST International Admission Committee.

2. The documents uploaded should be clear, complete, true, and valid. Incomplete or false applications will be rejected.

3. Please check the status of your admission process and the admission package tracking number through the application system.

Application Fee

Applicants shall pay the application fee (non-refundable) of 600 CNY/100 USD in 15 days upon completing the online application successfully by:

√ Chinese bank card (China UnionPay)

√ Alipay

√ WeChat Pay

√ International bank card (VISA/Master)

Documents for Application

Part 1. Academic Documents

1.Academic Certificate

An official certificate of your highest education or the official document of enrollment issued by the current school.

Academic documents issued in the third language should be notarized in Chinese or English editions.


3.Personal Statement

Introduce yourself in details, explain your understanding of China, list the reasons and your expectations for studying at HUST.

4.Personal Introduction Video

Please record and submit a video in English or Chinese within 60 seconds.


Including educational background, work experience, and publication list if available.

6.Study Plan/Research Proposal

More than 1,000 characters or words, in Chinese or English;

Structure: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Significance of Research, Reference.

Details: Introductory background, Research questions, Aims/Objectives, Expected Results, etc.

Future academic/career objectives (Preferred).

7.Language Proficiency Certificate

8.2 Recommendation Letters

Signed by your former lecturers, professors/associate professors, or the renowned in the field of your future study.

9.Writing Sample

The writing sample is not a paper written specifically for your application but a written work submitted for either a grade or publication. 

The preferred paper to submit is one closely related to the field of study you wish to pursue in the division.

10.Acceptance Letter issued by supervisor of HUST (Preferred).

Part 2. Non-Academic Documents


2.Physical Examination FormPlease click to download.

Those who are studying or working in China could upload the Health Certificate or Residence Permit instead.

3.Certificate of Non-criminal Record

A certificate issued by the police station or law enforcement agency certifying that you have no previous criminal record.

4.Financial Certification/Bank Statement: 5,000 USD or above.

Not required for the applicants for Chinese Government Scholarship.

5.<Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship>

Applicants for the Chinese Government Scholarship - Chinese University Program to study at HUST need to submit this form online.

Please apply online at Chinese Government Scholarship Information System (http://www.campuschina.org/), submit, and click “print the application form” for downloading the form.

Program Category : B

Agency No. of HUST: 10487.

Tuition (CNY/Year)


Language of Instruction

Engineering, Science, Economics & Management

Literature & Education


Master’s Programs









Doctoral Programs









Note: For the Master’s Program in China-EU Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy, the tuition is 40,000 CNY/year.


HUST offers scholarships to excellent applicants under the scheme of Chinese Government Scholarship.

Applicants for a scholarship through other authorities are welcome to complete the HUST online application for receivingthe Nomination Letter for Admission.

More information and policy about the scholarship could be found at


Postgraduate Programs

Please click to download:

Postgraduate Programs Offered in 2024 for Admission in HUST

Medical Postgraduate Programs Offered in 2024 for Admission, Tongji Medical College, HUST

English-medium Postgraduate Programs offered in 2024 for Admission in HUST


Ms. XUE Jiajia

Email: admission@hust.edu.cn

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