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欧拉,Sabella Jelimo Kiprono


学习期限/Study period2014.9-2018.7  


PhD: Microbiology, School of Life science and Technology, HUST

Supervisor: Prof. Yang Guang

现在肯尼亚Masinde Muliro科技大学工作

Currently working at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology(MMUST).



Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) is a palace of knowledge and learning and a place for pursuing dreams and achieving aspirations. Science has been a passion and a dream to pursue to higher level in my life. Coming to China to study Doctor of philosophy in microbiology became one of my breakthroughs to achieve my goals and dreams in science. I came to China in 2014 where I was admitted in college of life science and technology to pursue my PhD in microbiology. The journey in my field of research has not been an easy one but through the support and guidance of my supervisor Prof. Yang Guang and post-doctoral fellow in our lab Dr. Muhammad Wajid Ullah. They always gave me directions in my area of research, gave me more morale and motivation to learn new modern techniques and study more hard in my field.

华中科技大学是莘莘学子的知识殿堂,也是我追求梦想、实现抱负的地方。钻研科学知识一直是我的人生目标,所以我做出了一个重要决定:来中国攻读微生物学博士。2014年,我被华中科技大学生命科学与技术学院录取,来到中国攻读微生物学博士学位。虽然我的研究生涯并非一帆风顺,但有幸得到我的导师杨光教授和博士后研究员 Muhammad Wajid Ullah 博士的支持和指导,他们的鼓励让我更有勇气和动力在生物学领域继续深造。

I spend most of my time reading recent articles during my first year so as to acquire the new trends in the field of microbiology and pick up one of the area of my interest.  By the time I was in second year I started engaging in laboratory work to apply the knowledge I had learned through the articles I had read. Scientific research needs patience and commitment. One can easily give up if you find you do not get the right results but I was patient enough when carrying out my research until I could get good results.  To achieve my goals and obtain good data I could spend most of my time in the laboratory where sometimes you are forced to have sleepless nights.  Sometimes I could even spend my weekends to be in the laboratory doing my experiments which could be a time to catch up with friends but in reality i ended up spending less time with many of my friends due to tight laboratory schedule.


However, hard work pays by the time I was in third year I had enough results to enable me publish a paper. Furthermore I decided to do more on my research to learn more techniques hence I proceeded on with my experiments so as to learn more research skills to enable me publish more data. Glad enough I had very supportive Chinese laboratory mates who could help when a need arise and very social. We could spend most of the free times to visit places and have fun together mostly over the weekends. They made a family away from home which made me enjoy my stay in china and pursue my studies smoothly and successfully.


Am glad that I graduated in 2018 June and was very thank full for Chinese and Kenyan government for having given me this opportunity to and study and explore in china.


I had very good time with my fellow Chinese lab mates who were more than willing to assist me. We had much fun when our supervisor could organize for parties and outings. We could cook together Chinese food, sing in karaoke and play very many games (bowling, pool). I miss HUST and my lab mates, wish one day I will get some time to visit HUST. Chinese language was a bit hard but the little I learned really helped to survive in China,with the help of my Chinese lab mates I was able to learn more Chinese and many cultures of China. I believe that in future we will engage in many exchange programs to enable continuity of the relationships already established.




Life has been a long Journey since when I graduated in HUST 2018. When I returned to Kenya after my PhD ,I reported back to my university (Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology(MMUST)) where I was working before I went to China. I was glad to comeback after graduating with a doctorate degree in Microbiology.

2018 年我从华中大博士毕业,之后回到肯尼亚Masinde Muliro科技大学工作。在去中国留学之前我就在这所大学工作,获得微生物学博士学位后,我又再次回到了这里。

Immediately I reported back in 2018 October I was elected the school Postgraduate coordinator where I was coordinating postgraduate studies in the school of public Health Biomedical Science and Technology. I did my best to improve the postgraduate studies and research in the school.  During this time I have managed to supervise 5 masters students and two PhD students, where by 3 of masters students will be graduating this year.

2018 年 10 月,我成为学校的研究生导师,帮助指导公共卫生生物医学科学与技术学院研究生的学业。在此期间,我成功指导了 5 名硕士生和 2 名博士生,其中 3 名硕士将于今年毕业。

Currently we are writing a Memorandum of Understanding between HUST 3 BIO lab and MMUST department of medical laboratory Sciences. This will bring us together with HUST in terms of research activities and Exchange programs.

目前,HUST 3 BIO 实验室和 MMUST 医学实验室科学系之间正在商讨科研合作,准备签署谅解备忘录。相信通过这些学术交流项目,未来我们会和HUST达成更多合作。

Thank you HUST for having made me the person I am today. The training I received in HUST has really built up my skills and sharpens my research skills. You blessed my life and I will live to remember HUST forever in my heart.

感谢 HUST 成就了今天的我。在华中大的学习经历让我获益匪浅,我会永远记得学校对我的帮助。

I cherish and love HUST. Live long HUST and happy 70th Anniversary. I Long visit HUST soon.


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