A Letter to the Prospective Int'l HUSTers
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Dear prospective international students,


Greetings from Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST)!
This early spring is not as warm as expected. The cold winds seemed to show that the winter had not yet left us. However, no winter is insurmountable, and spring will definitely come. We are still looking forward to meeting you on the beautiful campus of HUST!
In the end of 2019, Wuhan, the capital city of central China's Hubei Province, was hit by a pneumonia caused by the noval coronavirus--COVID-19.   "The world is always with us." After the outbreak of the disease, Wuhan has been receiving strong support and care from all over the country and the world. The worldwide blessings, supplies and support have given us unprecedented confidence. With the help of our "global village", Wuhan is doing its best to combat the epidemic. As one of the top 10 universities in China, HUST is renowned at home and abroad for its strong disciplines such as medicine, science and engineering. The medical staff from Tongji Hospital and Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College of HUST as well as many other hospitals are fighting at the forefront against the epidemic as the backbone of this battle. In addition, the infrared thermometer developed by Huazhong Numerical Control Co. Ltd (HNC) in the HUST Science Park has been applied in various public places including airports and railway stations. At present, the disease prevention and control in Wuhan is getting better. When the flowers are in full bloom, HUST will embrace you with great warmth.
Wuhan is famous for cherry blossoms and Hot and Dry Noodles (Pinyin: Re Gan Mian, the most popular breakfast food in Wuhan), while HUST is well known as a "Forest University" because of its 72% greenery coverage. Our joint efforts will ultimately bring us a victory over this outbreak. We are looking forward to meeting you safe and sound at HUST when the spring comes around.
Wish you all the best!
The School of International Education of HUST




2019年末,中国武汉遭遇了新型冠状病毒的肆虐。 “环球同此凉热”。 疫情发生后,武汉时刻牵动着全球各地人们的心! 来自各国的祝福、祈祷、物资、支援让我们充满了前所未有的信心。 在这个“地球村”里,武汉在大家的关怀和帮助下,正全力阻击这场疫情。 作为中国排名前十的高校,华中科技大学因其卓越的医科、理科、工科实力,享誉中外。 华中科技大学附属协和医院、同济医院等多所医院的医护人员正奋战在阻击疫情的最前线,成为这次战“疫”的中坚医护力量! 学校科技园华中数控的红外测温仪应用在机场、车站等各个场所。 目前,武汉的疫情防控在一天天的好转,待到山花烂漫时,华中科技大学将敞开胸怀拥抱你们,欢迎你们的到来。
武汉有美丽的樱花和好吃的热干面,华中科技大学则因为72%的绿化率,被誉为“森林中的大学”。 亲爱的国际学生们,相信经过我们的努力,这场疫情终将过去。 期待在春暖花开、阳光灿烂的时候,我们与你相遇在美丽的武汉和华中大校园!


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