2nd Notice Regarding Temporarily NO-return to China and Campus
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To all HUST International Students:

Recently, there are a small number of international students, as per the knowledge of the ISO, who are intended to return to China or Campus. In respect of this situation, ISO reiterates as follows:

1. International students who are outside China are not allowed to enter the country for the moment, unless permitted by HUST;

2. International students who are in any city of China except Wuhan are not allowed to enter Wuhan for the moment, unless permitted by HUST.

The above decision is realistic consideration based on the following facts, rather than a restriction order on any student’s personal freedom.

1. The legal purpose of one’s stay in China under the Study Visa or the Residence Permit, which is held by all international students, is absolute STUDY;

2. At present, HUST has not resumed its normal operation completely, and all the teaching and learning shall be carried out online.

In this case, if any international student now enters the country without the permission of HUST, there shall be no substantial evidence to support that the purpose of his/her coming to China is study. HUST will report to the Immigration Office to cancel the Residence Permit held by the student on the basis of the inconsistence between the purpose of coming and the reason for holding the Study Visa.

ISO will follow up the update of relevant policies in time to protect the legal rights and interests of all international students who on the other hand, are also required to abide by the laws and regulations of the PRC.





1. 人在中国境外的国际学生,暂不允许进入中国境内;

2. 人在中国境内、武汉市外的国际学生,暂不允许进入武汉市。


1. 所有国际学生持有的学习类签证或居留许可,来华事由为学习;

2. 学校目前尚未开学,教学和研究指导工作为线上开展。






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