Notice on Selection of HUST Outstanding International Postgraduate Students of the Academic Year 2020-2021
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Selection of HUST Outstanding International Postgraduate Students of the Academic Year 2020-2021

Dear Postgraduates,

To honor outstanding international students, the university has decided to select and award HUST Outstanding International Students. The notice is hereby announced as follows:

1. Honors Open for Application

l HUST Academic Excellence Award

l HUST Outstanding Student Cadre

l HUST Outstanding Volunteer

2. Basic Qualifications

a) HUST registered degree students;

b) Good discipline record;

c) Honest, devoted to university and friendly to China;

d) No course-failing record;

e) No academic misconduct

f) No violation to registration regulations;

g) No record of punishment and never undermine the university’s reputation.

3. Other Essential Qualifications

3.1 Essential Qualification for Academic Excellence Award

a) Good GPA (marks of average 80 and above);

b) Published at least one paper on B level and above journals (the paper must be signed by the supervisor and stamped by the school or department; the journal level must be clearly mentioned by the supervisor according to the journals listed by the university, or it shall be regarded as invalid application materials);

c) Papers used before cannot be used again for application and the publication date should be later than December 2020.

d) First Author (Second is accepted only if the supervisor is the first author).

3.2 Essential Qualification for Outstanding Student Cadre

a) Good GPA (marks of average 70 and above)

b) Implement the work requirements by the university earnestly and behave well in university assignments and activities.

c) Actively Serve other students; excellent with organization, execution and leadership skills; strong sense of team honor;

d) Serve as the student organization leader /School or ISO assistant for over one year.

3.3 Essential Qualification for Outstanding Volunteer

a) Actively participate in public benefit activities organized by school or other relevant units for a year or above;

b) Awarded by the university or other organizations.

4. Selection Procedure

l Log on “” and submit personal application before December 11, 2021.

l Qualification checked and recommended by the school.

l Get evaluated by the university selection committee.

l Decision shall be announced by the university after the review and honors shall be granted at ceremony.

5. Important Matters to Follow

l Students must submit the application form, academic transcript and necessary supporting materials to their school coordinator before the deadline of December 11, 2021. Application beyond the deadline shall not be considered.

l Application documents must be true and valid. Once falsifications are found, the university will seriously deal with it and strip of the honorary titles and prizes of relevant people.

l All outstanding individuals will receive certificates of honors. Academic Excellence Award winners will enjoy an additional 3000 RMB reward.

ATTACHMENT: The guideline for online application

 ATTACHMENT-The guideline for online application.docx

School of International Education

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

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