Notice on Registration and Return to school for International Students in the Spring Semester of 2021
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To All International Students:

Hope you are enjoying your winter vacation so far. The registration and return arrangements for international students in the spring semester are hereby notified as follows:


1. Registration time

For all (undergraduate and graduate) international students, the registration time of 2021 spring semester is fromFebruary 26 to March 14.

2. Registration method

Please choose one of the following three ways to complete your registration.

(1) Through PC: log in the "Student Register and Personal Information Management System" (;

(2) Through Wechat App HUST Enterprise Account: HUST Micro Campus - Application Center - Semester Registration;

(3) Through Administrative Service Center: go to the "Campus Card and Semester Registration Self-service Terminal" in the self-service area.

3. Notes

(1) All international students should register within the prescribed registration time to obtain the qualifications for the new semester.

(2) International students who cannot register as scheduled due to special reasons should apply to the department for deferment of registration within the prescribed registration time. The department shall strictly review the application for deferment of registration for international students. International students should register before the extension deadline.

(3) International students who fail to register as required will be dealt with by the school in accordance with relevant regulations.


1.Date for return to school

According to the school calendar, international students will officially start classes on March 1 (Monday).

In principle,undergraduate students will return to school from February 26 to February 28.

Graduate studentscan return to school from February 21 to February 28.

2. Principlefor return to school

International students can only return after the school approves the student's return to school application. Students who are not returning for the time being must complete their learning tasks through online teaching and other methods.

3.Arrangements for return to school

(1) International students who come from low-risk areas and have no history of residence in medium-risk or high-risk areas within 14 days can apply for returning to school with the green health code and green communication itinerary card. International students with fever and other symptoms will be postponed to return to school.

(2) International students who come from or have lived in a medium-risk or high-risk area in China within 14 days are temporarily suspended from returning to school. After the risk level in the area is reduced to low risk, they can apply for returning to school with the green health code, green communication itinerary card and negative nucleic acid test result within 7 days.

(3) After returning to school, if the place of departure or the place of residence has been listed as a medium or high risk area within 14 days, prevention and control measures will be implemented in accordance with relevant policies.

(4) International students who are currently in China have the same return arrangements as Chinese students.International students who are still abroad will NOT return to school, please wait for further notice.

4.Procedurefor return to school

(1) Insist on daily reporting of health status through the "Online Service System for International Student", "Health Status Report" via

(2) International students who meet the requirements for returning to school, please log in to the "Online Service System For International Student",“Apply for entry/exit of campus” , apply for return-to-school and upload Green Health Code and Green Telecommunication Itinerary Card. Please state clearly your relevant travel information at “Travel purpose” on the webpage, including health status, activity records, back-to-school transportation information, information of accompanying person, etc. After being approved by the department, international students are allowed to return school.

(3) Returning international students can enter the campus through any school gates. When entering the school, please take the initiative to cooperate in carrying out temperature detection, verifying theGreen Health Code and Green Telecommunication Itinerary Card, etc., and enter the school orderly with campus card.

(4) When entering the dormitory building, luggage disinfection, temperature detection and identity verification must be carried out, and theGreen Health Code and Green Telecommunication Itinerary Cardmust be used to enter the dormitory building. After entering the dormitory, please report your situation to the counselor, advisor or other teachers of the department as soon as possible.

5. Relevant reminders

(1) International students who need to take nucleic acid test should choose a qualified medical institution for nucleic acid testing. The test result is within 7 days before returning to school. The school bears the cost of one test, please keep the relevant receipts and invoices. After returning to school, please hand them to the counselor and other teacher in charge of international student affairs for reimbursement.

(2) Please refrain from going to medium-risk and high-risk areas while preparing to return to school, and refrain from contacting people from these areas as well. Try not to go to other places as much as possible, minimize activities in crowded places, and avoid contacting patients with respiratory infections. Take personal protection before going out, and perform personal disinfection after going home.

(3) Please strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control requirements on the way back to school, wear masks throughout the return journey, wash hands frequently, minimize communication with others on public transportation, avoid gatherings, and keep distance from fellow passengers. If you have fever or other symptoms, you should seek medical attention in time and report to the counselor or other responsible teachers.

(4) After returning to school, please abide by the school's relevant management regulations, implement 14-day self-health management, maintain good hygiene habits and awareness of prevention, and do not go out of campus unless necessary, do not dine together, do not gather, do not visit. Report the health status truthfully in the "Health Status Reporting" procedure in the "HUST Micro Campus" on time. If there is any abnormal situation, it is necessary to report to the counselor or other responsible teachers as soon as possible.

(5) If the epidemic prevention and control requirements are adjusted, the school will adjust return arrangements accordingly, and will be notified separately.

If you have any problems, please contact us by

Wish you a smooth journey back to school.


International Student Office

School of International Education

Huazhong University of Science and Technology





































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