Announcement No. 1:HUST International Alumni Conference
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Dear International Alumni, Old Friends and Husters,

Greetings from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, P.R. China. Wish you good health and happy life in the year of tiger!

It has been some time since your graduation from HUST. Although we are in different parts of the world, our hearts are closely connected because we share the same title, “Huster”!

In October 2022, HUST will celebrate its 70th anniversary and we sincerely invite all international alumni from home and abroad to join us at the very first HUST International Alumni Conference (online and offline) to celebrate HUST’s birthday. We will gather together and witness the fruitful accomplishments achieved in the past seven decades.

As an international alumni, we believe you have many words to say at this moment. Please feel free to send your feelings, blessings and wishes to us. Your contributions and active participation mean a lot to us and please send the following to  

1. Share stories of your current life and work and study experience at HUST, with personal photos included.

2. Send blessing words to HUST(preferably with a video).

Selected stories and videos will be published at some HUST platforms. We’re here waiting for you. Welcome back home!


School of International Education,

Huazhong University of Science and Technology






1. 请分享你如今的生活和工作近况,以及在母校学习的经历,并附上个人照片。

2. 向母校发送祝福(视频形式为佳)。



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