Notification of Exclusion from the University
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According to the Ministry of Education as well as University’s policies and regulations, students who have failed to meet the degree requirements within the maximum prescribed time should be withdrawn/excluded from the University. Schools and Departments have already sent emails to the relevant student with Withdrawal Notice attached. For those who have not responded to the email, the University is now issuing an online notification to inform them that they will be excluded from the university.

The University has made the exclusion decision based on the following policies and regulations: Provisions on the Administration of Students in Regular Institutions of Higher Education (Ministry of Education), Clause 30; HUST Graduate Student Status Administration, Clause 10, 36, 37 and 38.


Students can submit a written appeal statement via email to your school within 10 working days (May 22 to May 31). If the University haven’t received your appeal beyond the above-mentioned date, it is considered that you have been notified of the exclusion decision by the University.

Student name list is attached below.





                      Graduate School

                             School of International Education
















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