COVID-19 Vaccinations Proposal by Wuhan Government
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March 27, 2021

To Wuhan Citizens:

COVID-19 is an emerging acute infectious disease transmitted mainly by respiratory droplets and close contact. At present, the majorities of people are not immune to COVID-19, and are generally susceptible to it. Vaccination against COVID-19 is one of the most effective measures to prevent and control COVID-19. Immunity through vaccination can not only protect individuals, but also gradually establish an immune barrier.

Up to now, more than 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccinations have been administered in China, and many countries around the world are also using the Chinese vaccinations, which are fully guaranteed in terms of effectiveness and safety. At present, the positive conversion rate of COVID-inactivated vaccination used in China is more than 90%, and the protection rate is more than 70%. The protective effect of the vaccinations is very good. The safety of COVID-19 vaccinations is sufficient to ensure that the citizens can be assured of vaccination.

The current COVID-19 outbreak continues around the world, and unvaccinated people will be at risk of infection once the global flow is open. Our city is carrying out COVID-19 vaccinations for people aged 18-59 years old. In the next step, we will gradually expand the vaccinations to people less than 18 years of age. The full COVID-19 vaccinations will protect the vast majority of the population and effectively control the spread and prevalence of COVID-19.

Hereby, we propose that all citizens take immediate action, not to be bystanders or outsiders, with a highly responsible attitude to yourselves, your families and the society, actively vaccination against COVID-19.

Wuhan COVID-19 Control Headquarters



新冠肺炎是一种新发急性传染病,主要通过呼吸道飞沫和密切接触传播。当前,绝大部分人都没有针对新冠病毒的免疫力,对新冠病毒普遍易感。接种新冠疫苗是防控新冠肺炎最有效的措施之一,通过接种疫苗获得免疫力,不仅能保护接种对象个人,而且逐步建立起免疫屏障 ,对保护家人、同事和社会都有重要意义。

截至目前,我国已接种新冠疫苗9000万剂次以上,全球很多国家也在使用中国疫苗,有效性和安全性有充分保障。目前我国使用的新冠灭活疫苗抗体阳转率达到90%以上,保护率达到70%以上,特别是对中、重症的保护率达到近100% ,疫苗的保护效果非常好。安全性方面,总体上新冠疫苗的不良反应发生率不高于流感疫苗,安全性有足够保证,广大市民可以放心接种。





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