2017 Spring Graduation Procedure for International Student
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Nov. 22, 2016

Dear International Students - Session 2017 Spring,


Congratulations to all graduating students. School of International Education is now announcing graduation and check-out procedures as follows:


Graduation Standard Photo Submission:


Graduation students are required to follow the notice announced on November 21, 2016 regardingTaking Standard Photos for Graduates and take the standard photos. ISO will receive standard photos from the relevant office and make certificate with the photos.




No certificate shall be made without the required standard photos.


Certificate Information Confirmation


International graduates are requested to confirm their certificate information in person between December 1-2, 2016 with original passport and student ID before the certificate is made.


Extension of Schooling Period, Visa and Residence Permit


Those international students (Duration is due Feb. 2016) who cannot graduate on time in January, 2016, should submit the Application Form for HUST Schooling Period Extension before December 9, 2016 and finish tuition payment before December 23, 2016 to apply for further study on campus and residence permit extension.


Students who have got admitted by HUST for further study have to obtain the original admission notice and pay for the tuition before the university conducts registration process as well extends their visa/ residence permit.


Deregistration Procedure


Please collect HUST Deregistration Notice for International Student and Alumni China Registration Form-HUST directly from ISO before December 23, 2016. Then you should go through the pre-procedures according to the stated requirements at your school, Library, Dormitory Center before you finally submit the form to the ISO.


Dormitory Administration during the Graduation Period


Graduates should take HUST Deregistration Notice for International Students and their Departure Ticket (train or air) to check out from the dormitory before January 31 2017. After the students check out from the dormitory, they are not allowed to live in the dormitory any more.


Without the permission of ISO, no one can accommodate other people. If any students violate the rules, they will be seriously punished by the Bureau of Public Security. If it involves the students who live in our university dorms, we will demand them to move out from the student’s apartment immediately.


Discipline Required


Graduates should obey the school rules, and are forbidden to wrangle, break bottles or engage in other public distorting activities such as: influence others’ study and life on campus. Also, Graduates are forbidden to engage in unlawful acts, otherwise the university will deal with it by using serious actions. If the cases will be severe or violence related, the university will notify the Bureau of Public Security to shorten one’s period of residence permit and the person will be deported.


Certificates Collecting


When the graduates finish all necessary procedures, they could come to collect their certificates with required documents at the International Student Office.


The date for Certificates Collecting will be announced later.


Required documents:


1)HUST Deregistration Notice for International Student


2) Alumni China Registration Form-HUST.


3) Copy of all entry-exit records, and all visas, residence permits during your study period at HUST.


4) Original copy of Academic Record Report or Transcript from respective school/department.


5) Cash 100 RMB for translation version of certificate.


6) Detailed departure itinerary/schedule (photocopies of Train or air ticket).


Allowing other persons to handle graduation procedure


If the graduates can’t deal with graduation information check and deregistration procedure personally, they can delegate other people to handle it. In this case the graduates need to submit the following materials.


1) A letter of authorization (it is important to give clear indication of the trustee and the committer with signature)


2) A copy of your passport


3) A copy of trustee’s passport


Alumni Connection and Graduation Souvenir


Graduates are supposed to submit Alumni China Registration Form-HUST to ISO as well as their own school to better connect with the university. You will also receive a graduation gift prepared by the university upon collecting your certificates.


Please follow the above steps to complete the deregistration procedures to finish graduation issue.


Finally, may the graduates have a bright future!


Note:All forms could be collected from International Student Office


Best wishes!


School of International Education

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

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