2019 Summer Graduation Procedure for International Student
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Dear International Students,

For 2019 graduating students, we announce the initiation and deregistration processes. We further provide the management and assistance services on the following procedures.

I.May 29, 2019 – June 6, 2019

1.To be completed by students

①International graduates (Only postgraduates) are requested to go totheir schoolto confirm further certificate information in person from May 29 to June 6, 2019 with original passport and student ID. Confirm certificate information for undergraduate students will be notified separately.

②Graduates (Only postgraduates) are required to submit 8 photos(blue background, 4 one-inch & 4 two-inches) totheir schooland send the electronic photo to the specified emailbefore June 5, 2019to make graduation and degree certificates. (Email:zhuzhouzoey@hust.edu.cn).

Photo collection for undergraduate students will be notified separately.

③For all international graduates (including postgraduates and undergraduates) should submit “Huazhong University of Science and Technology International Graduate Registration Form” and “Alumni China Registration Form-HUST” totheir schoolbeforeJune 5, 2019.

④For those students who intend to record memory during their stay in China, are suggested to prepare an essay regarding the study &life memory in HUST with two or three personal photos attached, and submit to the International Student Office by email before May 31, 2019(smileyang@hust.edu.cn). The theme of the essay is regarding your own experience and feelings of studying or living in China. The length of the essay should be no more than 1000 characters or words. Both Chinese and English are OK. The photos should be submitted as attachments instead of directly being put in the essay.

⑤For the international students (self-supported) who cannot graduate in time, should submit“the Application Form for HUST Schooling Period Extension”beforeMay 30, 2019. Prior toJune 5, if approved, and the tuition fee has been settled, the students may apply for the extension of residence permit using the tuition bill printed inStudent Service Center(opposite to the main library, red block building).

⑥For scholarship students (including postgraduates and undergraduates): Since scholarship extension need approval from CSC (China Scholarship Council), the extension of residence permit procedure will be notified directly to students by International Student Office.

2.To be completed by school

Prior toJune 6, 2019,the school should collectcertificate information confirm table (with School Stamp),Graduation Standard Photo, “HUST, International Graduate Registration Form” (with School Stamp), “Alumni China Registration Form-HUST”,“the Application Form for HUST Schooling Period Extension”(if any) and send to in Building #3, 101 in the School of International Education (Miss Zhou Zhu).


①No certificate shall be made until the certificate information is confirmed by the student in person.

②Among certificate information, nationality, date of birth, major, lecture language cannot be changed.

③Certificate information is based on the “certification information table” stamped by school. No request for changing information is accepted after submitting the table by the school.

④For the prospective self-supported students admitted by HUST intends to continue their stay, can hold the “Admission Notice” to settle the tuition fees procedure. They can apply for residence permit extension during July 1 to July 10. For scholarship students whose admission date is relatively late, they are suggested to go back to their country and come to university after getting results from CSC (China Scholarship Council).

II.June 6, 2019-June 17,2019

1.For graduate students

①Students who need English version transcript should print it in theStudent Service Center(opposite to the main library, red block building).

②The International Student Office will issue notifications, review and produce honorary certificates, organize award ceremony for outstanding graduates. The time of the award ceremony will be notified separately.

2.For schools

①“Discipline Record”, “HUST Deregistration Form for International Student”, “Receipt for translation fee of certificate” will be prepared by International Student Office and be handed out to schools. The date will be notified later.

②Outstanding student review needs to be verified by schools. The procedure and the time will be notified later.


The Wuhan Regional Police Bureau will no longer provide “Non-Criminal Record Certificate” for international students. We suggest students to notarize “Discipline Records” at notarial office. Specific procedure and location will be notified by International Student Office later.

III.June 18,2019-July 30,2019

1.Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony and degree grant ceremony will be arranged by the University. International students should attend the ceremony according to the instructions from their school. Specific arrangement for that will be notified later.

2.Material checklist prepared by graduates

①Completed “HUST Deregistration Form for International Student”

②First page of passport

③Copy of all entry-exit records, and all visas, residence permits during your study period at HUST

④Detailed departure itinerary/schedule (photocopies of Train or air ticket)


⑥Receipt for translation fee of certificate(Cash 100RMB )

3.Related to schools

①International students follow the instructions from the school to participate in graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony. The school should coordinate between Chinese and foreign students, arrange receiving and returning academic dress, organize international student and other related work.

②The International Student Office distributes the certificates and its translations, graduation gifts, and graduation memorial brochure to each school. Students prepare the materials according to Step 2(Material checklist prepared by graduates) of this article and collect certificates, gifts and brochure at the school. The specific time will be notified later.


①According to the arrangement of graduation ceremony and degree grant ceremony, the conference may not have enough seats for family members and friends.

②To avoid troubles in the future, students are suggested to notarize their certificates, degrees, transcript, discipline record before leaving China.

③In case of being unsuccessfully in deregistration procedure in person, others can be entrusted to deliver all the materials. Following are the materials required for this procedure:

A. A letter of authorization (it is important to give clear indication of the responsible person and the students who is leaving with signature)

B. A copy of your passport

C. A copy of trustee’s passport

IV.Dormitory Management during the Graduation Period

Graduates should take the “HUST Deregistration Form for International Students” and their Departure Ticket (train or air) to check out from the dormitory before July 30 2019. After the students check out from the dormitory, they are not allowed to live in the dormitory any more.

Without the permission of ISO, no one can accommodate other people. If any students violate the rules, they will be seriously prosecuted by the Bureau of Public Security and also disciplinary punishment by HUST.

Graduates should obey the rules of school, and are forbidden to wrangle, break bottles or engage in other public distorting activities such as: influence others’study and life on campus. Also, Graduates are forbidden to engage in unlawful activities, otherwise the university will deal with it by using serious actions. If the cases will be severe or violence related, the university will notify the Bureau of Public Security to shorten one’s period of residence permit or the person will be deported immediately.

For all schools, please assist graduates to complete the leaving procedures according to the steps mentioned above.

May the graduates have a bright future and endeavors!

Best wishes!

School of International Education

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

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