Final Reminder: Cancellation of Enrollment for Un-registered Students Fall 2015
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September 25, 2015

Dear International Students,

This is the "Final Reminder" for international students (yet to register for fall 2015 semester) that the deadline to register for fall 2015 semester has expired i.e. September13th, 2015.

The concessional notice to post-deadline period for the unregistered students is 12:00 September 30, 2015. Students must finish payment and online registration through HUB system before the deadline.

The only one special circumstance accepted by the university is that:

Tuition has been transferred to the university account and payment proof has been submitted and is waiting for the check.

Any other late payment by the student/sponsored institution or government beyond the deadline will not be accepted.

If you are still unable to register on HUST Hub System within this deadline, you will face the following consequences:

1-    Your enrollment from HUST shall be cancelled or suspended.

2-    No reasons will be accepted for being unable to register.

3-    The accommodation allotment shall also be cancelled.

4-    The stipend for Scholarship students shall not be granted.

5-    These un-registered students shall not be treated HUST students any more.

In the spring semester, 9 international postgraduate students were expelled by the university due to their not obeying the registration regulation.

The International Student Office hereby requires the unregistered students to finish payment or registration immediately and obey the university regulations.

The School of International Education

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

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