Notice on Service in Administrative Service Centre during 2019 Summer Vacation
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Notice on Service in Administrative Service Centre during 2019 Summer Vacation


To International Students,


In order to provide better service and improve the management of international student, Matters about the summer vacation at Counter 1 of Administrative Service Center are notified as follows:

一、国际学生及家属签证/居留许可延期Residence Permit extension


Download the mobile APP (武汉出入境) and complete the online application of residence permit extension


Prepare Photocopies of passport, current visa or residence permit and registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors from Overseas

(Students living on campus collect it from the Dormitory Service Center or The Police Station on campus; others collect it from the local Police Station in charge of your apartment area)

Note: please bring the original Admission Notice, JW201/202 Visa Application Form and Health Certificate (new international student of 2019 Autumn Semester ONLY)

二、学费缴费 Payment order of tuition fee


Tuition has to be paid by cash or bankcard opened in China upon the Finance Office. Those who have to pay the tuition fee are supposed to collect the payment order at the counter 1 and then finish the payment at the University Finance Office. Students can only finish the registration procedures and extension of residence permit after paying full fees.

三、2019年秋季学期新生预报到 Pre-registration for new students in 2019 Autumn Semester(

1)办理宿舍入住International Student Apartment Check-in

2)缴纳学费和住宿费Payment of Tuition Fee and Accommodation Fee

3)延长签证/居留许可 Visa Extension



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