Safety Notice
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To all international students,

Recently due to the severe weather, rainy days and the coldness, the road has been slippery and several traffic accidents occurred on and off campus, which caused a lot of trouble. Some students are in hospital, which badly influenced their study and life. The university is highly concerned of the above condition.

To better guarantee the health, safety and legitimate rights of the international students, the International Student Office is kindly making the following suggestions in terms of the traffic, health and conflicting issues:  

1. In the rainy or snowy weather, you are suggested to slow down and obey the traffic rules. When you come across the street, be sure to be cautious and yield to the pedestrians politely.

2. Motorbikes and exceeding electronic bikes are strictly forbidden. Driving without legal certificates is highly prohibited.

3. Strictly obey to the dormitory managements. International students who live in the dormitories are not allowed to go outside at night, and those who live off campus should make appropriate schedules and avoid coming back late at night.

4. Recently the temperature in Wuhan has plummeted dramatically, so the International students are suggested to keep warm to prevent sickness. If you need in-patient service or medical insurance support, please contact the insurance company (400-810-5119 transits 1 ).

5. When you are faced with complicated environment or disputes, please contact your advisor or supervisor in your own department or the International Students Office immediately. Please call 110 when you are in emergency or in danger.    

6. The holiday is approaching so you are suggested to avoid being in the crowded areas. Be responsible for your personal life and belongings. Alcohol abuse is highly prohibited.

 International Student Office









4、近日武汉气温骤降,国际学生们应注意保暖,防止各类疾病的发生。如需住院及保险支持,请联系保险公司(400-810-5119 转1);





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