Safety Notice during Summer Vacation 2018
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1. 自觉遵守中国法律法规及学校校规校纪,不做任何违法违规的事情。

2. 抵制非法驾驶行为。没有取得中国驾照之前不驾驶机动车辆;不驾驶摩托车或者超标电动车。

3. 主动学习各类安全防范知识和技能,提高安全防范意识和能力,增强防盗、防骗意识。不在夜间单独行动,不到人员密集的场所参加活动。

4. 不酗酒,不参与冒险、刺激的娱乐活动;

5. 远离毒品,不吸毒,不贩毒;

6. 保持通讯畅通,应每天与家人、同学或好友保持沟通联络(尤其是单人居住的)。遇突发情况将第一时间向导师、辅导员、公寓部门、国际学生办公室、保卫处或派出所寻求帮助;

7. 严格遵守消防安全规定,不使用大功率电器及小功率危险电器,不使用劣质充电器,不乱拉乱接电线,不存放易燃易爆物品。

8. 严格遵守公寓管理规定,不留宿他人。

9. 严格遵守中国关于外国人的居留管理规定,不非法居留,不非法打工。


1. 超期居留或者非法打工,是违法行为。根据中国法律规定,移民局将给予警告、拘留或者遣送出境的处罚。

2. 任何人或机构都不得在中国境内走私、贩卖、运输、制造、非法持有毒品,否则都将构成严重犯罪,将受到中国刑法的严惩。

3. 容留、藏匿非法入境、非法居留的外国人,协助非法居留的外国人逃避检查,处二千元以上一万元以下罚款,有违法所得的,没收违法所得。

4. 无证驾驶属于犯罪行为,将受到中国刑法的严惩。武汉城区驾驶摩托车是违反武汉相关规定的行为,会受到交警部门扣留车辆等惩罚。





June 28, 2018

To all international students:

As summer vacation approaches, emergency or accidents are prone to happen. In order to protect personal and property safety, safety notice during summer vacation is as follows:

1.     Consciously abide by Chinese laws and school regulations, and do not involve in anything illegal.

2.     Resist illegal driving. Do not drive a motor vehicle without a Chinese driver’s license; do not drive a motorcycle or a substandard electric vehicle.

3.     Actively learn various types of safety precautions and skills, improve safety awareness and ability, and increase awareness of theft and fraud prevention. Do not act alone at night, and do not participate in activities in crowded places.

4.     Do not get drunk or participate in risky, over exciting entertainment activities.

5.     Stay away from drugs, do not use drugs or drug trafficking.

6.     Keep in close touch with your family, classmates, or friends (especially if you live alone). In case of emergency, the supervisor, counselor, apartment department, international student office, security office or police station will be the prior consideration for you to seek help.

7.     Strictly abide by the fire safety regulations, do not use high-power electrical appliances and low-power dangerous electrical appliances, do not use inferior chargers, and do not mess with wires and do not store flammable and explosive materials.

8.     Strictly abide by the apartment management regulations and never keep others stay overnight in apartment.

9.     Strictly abide by China's foreigners residence management regulations and do not stay or work illegally.

Notes: Possible consequences of illegal behaviors:

1.     According to Chinese laws, the Department of Immigration Office will give a warning, detention or deportation penalty in related to staying or working illegally in China.

2.     No one or organization may smuggling, selling, transporting, manufacturing or illegally holding drugs in China. Otherwise, it will constitute a serious crime and will be severely punished by China's criminal law.

3.     The one who house or hide illegally entering or resident foreigners and assist them to evade inspection shall be fined ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 yuan. Unlawful proceeds shall be confiscated.

4.     Driving without a license is a crime and will be severely punished by the Chinese criminal law. The driving of motorcycles in Wuhan City is in violation of relevant Wuhan regulations and will be punished by traffic police departments for detaining vehicles.

5.     For international students who violate Chinese laws and regulations, the university will no longer issue any letters to extend the residence permit to such students. The result of the penalty will be recorded in the student management file. At the same time, the university will inform their embassy in China. In case of serious violation of laws or regulations, the university will dismiss the student.

School of International Education

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