Notice on Health Safety in Summer
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Dear international students:
The weather is hot and dry recently, and the disease is easily spread with mosquito-breeding.Please follow the suggestions below to ensure your health safety:
1.Living environment. Clean your room regularly and avoid the breeding of the mosquitoes.
2.Personal protection.Spray insecticide or light mosquito-repellent incense before sleep;Use mosquito net when sleeping; Install screen door or screen window in your room.
3.Avoid going out in the early morning or late afternoon when the mosquitoes are in an active phase. When you have to go out,please wear  trousers and clothes with long sleeves and apply some repellent to the  exposed skin to avoid mosquito bite.
4.Heatstroke prevention.Summer days are dry and hot and it’s easy to get heatstroke.Wear cap,sunglasses or parasol when going out; Wear clothes of breathable materials or in light color;Drink water frequently or typical heat-relieving summer drinks like green bean soup, watermelon juice and chrysanthemum tea; Don’t set the temperature of the air-conditioner too low in case the large temperature difference  with the outdoor’s.
5.Food safety.Wash your hands before dining; Clean the fruits before eating them; Don’t eat  rotten food; Don’t dink unboiled water;Don’t buy poor-quality food or drink along the street.
6.If you have symptoms like feeling cold, feeling hot,sweating intensively,feeble, please go to the university hospital and report to the international student office.

International Student Office





1. 搞好环境卫生。定期打扫房间,注意居住环境的清洁,避免蚊虫的滋生繁殖。
2. 注意个人防护。睡前课在卧室喷洒杀虫剂或点蚊香,睡觉时使用蚊帐。给房屋安装纱门和纱窗。
3. 尽量避免在晨早或黄昏时蚊虫活跃期间外出。如必须外出,可穿长袖衣和长裤,皮肤暴露处可涂抹驱避剂,防蚊叮咬。

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