Kindly Reminder Regarding Recent Online Banking Fraud
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December 16, 2015

With the coming of Chinese Spring Festival, online banking fraud and related crimes have increased greatly.

Online banking fraud refers to the criminal activity that criminals lie about who they are through telephone, internet or message, and convince you to transfer money to them under remote control. Online banking fraud happens in the following 5 ways: 1.Calling you and pretending to be your acquaintances to borrow money; 2.Stealing your back account numbers, and passwords by internet or online banking; 3.Cheating your money by lying that you have won prizes; 4.Pretending to be public service working staff; 5.Pretending to be your teachers or university officers to convince you transfer money to a direct account.

Now several international students in our university have already suffered telecommunication fraud and lost a big amount of money. To protect international students against fraud and ensure further safety, SchoolofInternational Educationhereby kindly reminds all students to stay alert and stop being cheated by criminals. If any suspected fraud occurs, please call 110 for help, or dial 87540110 to contact the security office of university.


(通讯员 王聪)中国新年将近,各类电信欺诈案件也逐步增多。





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