Notice Regarding Graduation(2015 Autumn Semester) & Registration(2016 Spring Semester) for Chinese Language Students
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Dear all HUST Chinese language students,

2015 年秋季毕业及 2016 年春季注册安排如下,请大家注意。

The schedule of graduation (2015 Autumn Semester) and registration (2016 Spring Semester) is as follows. Please pay attention to the procedures below:



A)结束汉语学习者(根据录取通知上时间确定是否结束学习),若继续学习须在 2016 1 15 日前在线提交申请。 申请网址:



Study Extension

A)Students who will finish Chinese learning in January 2016(according to the Admission Notice) and want to continue to study Chinese at HUST are requested to submit online application ( before Jan. 15, 2016.

B)Students with unsatisfactory performance (and attendance rate) will not be admitted by HUST for the next semester.

C)Students who fail the exams is qualified to apply for the next semester, but they can not move on to the next level in the next semester.


A)汉语生在我校结束学习后,可以获得成绩单和相关证书(结业证书/学习证明)。其中,通过各项汉语考 试者才能获得结业证书,未通过者只能获得学习证明。





Transcripts and Certificate (Certificate of Completion/ Study Certificate)

A)Students who finish Chinese learning at HUST could collect transcripts and certificate. Those who pass all the exams could obtain Certificate of Completion( 结业证书), otherwise they could only obtain Study Certificate(学习证明).

B)Students who need transcripts and certificate are requested to apply for them in the ISO from Jan 11 to Jan 15, 2016. Otherwise, students can not collect them.

C)HUST Alumni Registration Form is requested to be filled in the ISO by students who graduate without any plan to continue study Chinese at HUST

D)If students can’t collect transcripts and certificate personally, they can delegate other people to handle it. In this case, students need to submit the following materials. 1) A letter of Authorization (it is important to give clear indication to the trustee with signature) 2) A copy of your passport

E)Students who are not eligible to take final examination, who don’t take the final exams and who haven’t finished the Online Questionnaire for HUST Chinese Classes cannot acquire transcripts and certificate.



B)自费生须在 2016 1 15 日之前缴纳下一学期的学费,然后办理延长手续。(自费生只能按学期缴纳 学费。)

C)由于办理签证/居留许可延长需要至少 15 个工作日,请大家提前办理相关手续。

Visa/Residence Permit

A)Students who continue to study Chinese at HUST are requested to get their Visa/Residence Permit extended before leaving HUST for winter vacation.

B)Self-supported Students are requested to pay the tuition fee before January 15th, 2016 for next semester before extending Visa/Residence Permit.

C)Since it will take at least 15 working days for immigration office to get your Visa/Residence Permit extended, you have to do it in advance.


A)孔子学院奖学金生(一学期)须在 2015 12 14 日至 18 日凭回国机票或火车票来办公室签领 2016 1 月的生活费。1 15 日之后回国的,方可领取 2016 1 月份足额的生活费。

B)其他孔子学院奖学金生和中国政府奖学金生须在 2015 12 14 日至 18 日来办公室签领 2016 1 月和 2 月生活费。

Monthly Living Allowance

A)Confucius Institute Scholarship students (one semester) are supposed to submit airplane/train tickets (back to motherland) in the ISO between December 14 and December 18, 2015when signing for living allowance for January 2016. Only students who leave HUST after January 15, 2016 will obtain full living allowance of January 2016 .

B)Other Confucius Institute Scholarship students and Chinese Government Scholarship students are supposed to sign for living allowance of January and February 2016 in the ISO between December 14 and December 18, 2015.


A)通知书上的学习期限已到,欲继续学习者,须在 2016 1 15 日前交付 2016 年春季学费方可保留寒假期间的学生宿舍。

B)结束学习者,须在离开学校前三天到办公室获取《退房通知单》(最晚截至 2016 1 22 日),然后方 可从学生宿舍退房并拿回押金。

C)孔院奖学金生(一学期)的房间必须于 2016 1 31 日之前退房。


A)For students whose study duration on the admission notice is due but plan to continue to study Chinese in HUST could reserve your dorm during the winter vacation, only if the tuition for the next semester is paid before January 15, 2016.

B)Students who finish Chinese learning at HUST are requested to go to the ISO during the office hours before January 22, 2016 for Check-out Notice (which is needed to take back your deposit) in advance.(At least 3 days before you leave HUST)

C)Confucius Institute Scholarship students (one semester) are requested to check out from dorm before January 31,2016.


2015 年秋季汉语生大会将于 2016 1 5 日上午 9:00 在友谊公寓留学生活动中心举行。所有汉语生都应该参加。

Conference for Chinese Language Students(Graduation Ceremony&Awarding Ceremony)

The Conference for Chinese Language Students(2015 Autumn Semester) will be held at 09:00, January 5, 2016(Tuesday) in the International Student Activity Center. All the Chinese language students are required to attend the conference.


祝大家寒假快乐。 希望每个人汉语学的越来越好!

Have a good winter vacation.

Wish you a great progress in learning Chinese language!


Center for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Huazhong University of Science and Technology


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