Performances for 2018 HUST New Year Gala Wanted
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Dear international HUSTers,

We are pleased to inform you that the 2018 HUST New Year Gala for Chinese and International Students (华中科技大学2018年中外学生新年晚会) is approaching! It is sponsored by the School of International Education, HUST and organized by SICA (Student International Communication Association). 

As an annual event, the New Year Gala has been held successfully for 8 years. It has drawn the attention of a great number of students from HUST and other sister universities in Wuhan.

Every year, international students from all over the world gather on the stage and give wonderful performances. It's a great platform for you to show yourselves, make new friends and present your country and culture to the Chinese the international students.

The 2018 HUST New Year Gala will be held on December 28, 2017(TBD). If you intend to join the function, please read the following instructions carefully. 


1 Host and Hostess

1 host & 1 hostess (speaking Chinese and English fluently, with relevant experience) 


2 Band 

A musical band for the warming-up opening of the gala


3 Categories of Performances 

a) Singing (in tune with the theme of the gala. Please avoid songs that express negative emotions) 

b) Dance (Hip-hop, Folk dance, Belly dance, etc.) 

c) Costume show (fashion show) 

d) Melodrama(Acting)

e) Language show like poem recitation

f) Martial arts 

g) Stand-up Comedy

h) Other creative performances which are related to the theme of the Gala


4 Time Limit 

More than 3 minutes and less than 5 minutes


5 Deadline for Registration

21:00 p.m. November 26, 2017


6 Contacts (for performance registration)

Required information for Registration: person responsible of the performance, telephone number, email, nationality, name and form of the performance, number of performers.

If you have questions, please send a message to 13865671907 (the phone numbers is ONLY for questions)


7 Tips

a)You are suggested to invite your country mates or friends to perform with you together. And we strongly encourage cooperation between nations!

b) Band is welcomed! Since it takes much time to coordinate all the instruments, you have to strictly follow the timetable of every collective rehearsal.

c) For the convenience of your preparations and our collective rehearsals, please avoid performances of musical instruments.

d) Your performance is expected to carry certain characteristics of your country or nation without discrimination against other people.

e) Your performance is safe and NO SUBSTANCES like water, glassor wood particles shall be left on the stage after the performance.

f) We will be selecting the best performances for our event so we can't guarantee that your performance will be shown finally on the gala.

g) Signing up means you will follow all the required instructions. There will be SICA members helping you prepare for the evaluation process. Punctuality, cooperation and respect for SICA members are the fundamental principles that shall never be ignored.

h) The cost of the performance will be supported by HUST within the consumption limit and the extra fees above it would be paid by the performers themselves.

Looking forward to your participation in 2018 New Year Gala!



International Student Office

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

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