"DISCOVER CHINA"Lectures XII: Learning Chinese Through Song
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To International HUSTers,

The School of International Education invites Prof. Zhang Hong from Binghamton University of USA to deliver a lecture for HUST international students on June 6, 2017. Anyone who is interested in Learning Chinese Through Song is welcome to join us!



Time: 19:00-20:00, Tuesday, June 6,2017


Location: International Student Activity Center, Friendship Apartment


Topic: Learning Chinese Through Song


张泓 教授Prof. Zhang Hong




While she has performed at numerous international venues, Hong Zhang is also an award-winning Chinese language and culture teacher. She holds a Master of Music degree in Voice Performance from Binghamton University, SUNY, and a Bachelor of Music degree in Voice Performance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently a tenured Instructor of Chinese and an associate faculty member of Music at Binghamton University, Zhang has been giving lectures and recitals on “Chinese Ethnic Groups and Their Songs” as well as workshops on “Teaching Chinese through Song” extensively in the US and abroad.




Chinese through Song Workshop

This workshop will introduce the groundbreaking approach of learning Chinese through song.  Participants will go through a step-by-step learning progression to obtain the basics of vocal techniques. They will walk away with the confidence and skills to improve their pronunciation, diction, voice projection and language expression through singing. 




2、请提前半小时到场(2017.6.6 18:30


1. Only 100 seats available. First come, first served!

2. Please arrive at the location at 18:30, June 6, 2017.


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