Notice on Selection of HUST Outstanding International Undergraduate Students of the Academic Year 2017-2018
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Dear Undergraduates,

To honor outstanding international students, the university has decided to select and award HUST outstanding Individual International Student starting from the academic year of 2017-2018. The notice is hereby announced as follows:

1. Honors Open for Application

HUST Academic Excellence Award

HUST Academic Progress Award

HUST Outstanding Student Cadre

HUST Outstanding Volunteer

2. Basic Qualifications

a) HUST registered degree students (In his/her second or above year);

b) Good discipline record;

c) Honest, positive and be with a spirit of teamwork;

d) Studying diligently, good academic performance and excellent grades;

e) Complete the HUB registration after finishing the payment of tuition fee on time and no visa /residence violation record

f) No record of punishment.

3. Other Essential Qualifications

3.1 Essential Qualification for Academic Excellence Award

a) Passing all the exams;

b) Strong ability of research and innovative spirit;

c) Good GPA (marks of average 80 and above);

3.2 Essential Qualification for Academic Progress Award

a) Studying hard or learning attitude obviously improved

b)The ranking of academic achievements in class has improved significantly.

3.3 Essential Qualification for Outstanding Student Cadre

a) Studying hard, good grades, ranking in academic performance in the top 40% of the class;

b) Serve other students actively; excellent with organization, execution and leadership skills; strong sense of team honor;

c) Serve as the student organization leader for over one year.

3.4 Essential Qualification for Outstanding Volunteer

a) Participate in no less than 20 hours of voluntary work per semester;

b) do the volunteer work enthusiastically with dedication, defy difficulties and do not care about personal gains and losses.

4. Selection Procedure

a) Complete the < HUST Outstanding International Student Applicant Form > (must be printed in one page) and prepare the necessary supporting materials and submit them to your school before the deadline of November 19, 2018.

b) The relevant school will evaluate the application and recommend the applicants whose applications get approved to the School of International Education for the further evaluation;

c) Results shall be announced by the university in December 2018 and Certificate of Honors shall be awarded in the honors granting ceremony.

5. Important Matters to Follow

Students must submit the application materials to their school before the deadline of November 19, 2018. Application beyond the deadline shall not be considered.

Application documents must be true and valid. Once falsifications are found, the university will seriously deal with it and withdraw the honorary titles and prizes from the relevant people

The < HUST Outstanding International Student Applicant Form > will be kept in the university archive and all awardees will receive the certificates of honors.

School of International Education

Huazhong University of Science and Technology





1. 学习优秀奖;

2. 学习进步奖;

3. 优秀学生干部;

4. 优秀志愿者。



1. 在校普通全日制二年级及以上本科国际学生;

2. 严格遵守中国的法律法规和学校的各项规章制度;

3. 明礼诚信,积极向上,具有团队协作精神;

4. 勤奋学习,学风端正,成绩优良;

5. 每学期按时缴纳学费并完成HUB注册,无过往签证过期纪录;

6. 未受到过任何处分。




1. 个人申请:符合条件的国际学生可填写《华中科技大学本科国际学生先进个人申请审批表》并准备辅助性证明材料;

2. 院系推荐:各院系综合学生的综合表现和考试成绩,对学生提交的申请材料予以审核和推荐,确定候选人,并于11月19日下午3点前将本院系推荐的学生申请材料汇总报国际教育学院;

3. 国际教育学院审核并公示:国际教育学院按照文件规定对院系报送的推选材料进行汇总并公示。荣誉证书由国际教育学院制作。


1. 学校将集中安排对获得荣誉称号的国际学生进行表彰,发放荣誉证书;

2. 《华中科技大学本科国际学生先进个人申请审批表》将载入学生个人档案;




附件:    附件2 华中科技大学本科国际学生先进个人申请审批表.doc

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