Safety Notice
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Dear International Students,

According to the Wuhan Police Bureau, there have been frequent cases of drunkenness in bars in Wuhan, and many international students have been involved in related cases to varying degrees. Some international students have suffered huge economic losses or serious personal injuries. The International Student Office is highly concerned about this situation.

In order to better protect international students’ legitimate rights and interests, the International Student Office requests that all international students should focus on study & research work and comply with the following safety tips:

1. Strictly observe the management of the dormitory. International students living on campus shall not go out at late night.

2. Manage your time reasonably and try to reduce late returns if you are renting apartments off campus.

3. Improve the self-protection awareness, and do not go to places such as clubs and KTV.

4. Comply with Chinese laws & regulations and school rules, respect Chinese customs and courtesy.

4. Always keep in touch with your friends and families. Please contact the International Student Counsellor or International Student Office immediately once you are in a complex environment or face a conflict. In case of any emergency or dangerous situation, please call 110.

International Student Office

Sept. 22, 2018












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