Safe Driving Notice for Summer Vacation
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All international Students:

Recently, multiple traffic accidents involving students colliding with pedestrians when driving motor vehicles on or off campus have caused a series of disputes. In the accidents,students are liable for compensation for their faults and several of them have even been punished by the public security department for legal violation,

Here the special reminder on safe driving is as follows:

1. Strictly abide by traffic regulations and drive in a civilized and safe manner. When at crossroads, be sure to be vigilant, slow down and be courteous to pedestrians.

2. Do not drive motorcycles or excessive electric vehicles without legal driving license.

3. In case of traffic accidents, alarm the police (110) first, and timely inform your supervisor and counselor. At the same time, keep a polite and patient attitude to communicate with the other side of the traffic accident to resolve the dispute to avoid escalation of disputes.

During summer vacation, whether you stay in university or travel, be vigilant and attach great importance to the safety of your own. The School of International Education issued a "Summer Safety Reminder" on June 29, please read carefully and improve safety awareness. For details, you can click for the full contents of the notice.

School of International Education



近期,校园内外发生多起学生驾驶电动车撞伤他人的交通事故,引起了一系列纠纷,学生因存在过错承担了赔偿责任,个别人甚至还因为违法受到了公安部门的处罚。 现就安全驾驶专题提醒如下:

1. 应严格遵守交通规则,文明驾驶、安全驾驶。遇十字路口和时,务必提高警惕,减速行驶,礼让行人。

2. 严禁驾驶摩托车或超标电动车,严禁无合法证件的驾驶。

3. 遭遇交通事故时,应第一时间报警(110),并及时将相关情况告知自己的导师和辅导员老师。同时,应以文明礼貌的态度同交通事故另一方沟通,切莫将矛盾升级。





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