HUST 2018 Summer Vacation and Registration Notice for Autumn Semester of the New Academic Year
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新学期在线注册期限为: 8月31日至9月16日。学生应在上述在规定时间内通过学校注册网站( )或通过校园卡自助服务终端申请注册,取得学习资格。注册成功,学生可持学生证到各自院系加盖注册章。


六、签领生活费 (奖学金生)






友谊公寓:87543400;华宏公寓:87558236;柏景阁公寓:87793163; 虹景公寓:18164264881。同源公寓:83652232 ;医科国际学生楼:83630667。


主校区:87792038,87559551, 87793026, 87542457, 87557546



1. 假期期间,学生如遇特殊困难,请直接联系辅导员、导师或者国际学生办公室寻求帮助。(国际学生办公室暑假服务时间8:30-11:30;15:00-17:30)

2. 9月3日-9月7日期间,国际学生办公室老师在办理迎新工作。在校生需要办理事务的,请错开此时间段。



June 26, 2018

To International Students,

The summer vacation of 2018 starts from July 7 to August 30.

Matters about the summer vacation and the new semester registration are notified as follows:

1.   About Registration for Staying in HUST

Students who want to live in their dormitory during the summer vacation are supposed to finish the registration procedures before 17:00, July 5 on the service platform of related apartment so as to receive respective help and support. And those without appropriate registration are not allowed to stay in the apartment.

2.   About Vacation Safety

Students returning to their homeland or going out to travel need to carry the card with emergency contact information with a view to contacting related people in case of any emergency.

Students staying in Hust should arrange their studies and lives in accordance with the notices about the opening hours of services utilities including classrooms, restaurants, water and power dispatch center and supermarkets in the school. Special attention should be given to electricity and water safety as well as personal and property security.

3.   About Extending Residence Permit

Students who want to extend their residence permit should come to ISO before July 5 for application, otherwise their application would be rejected.

4.   About Paying Tuition Fee

Tuition has to be paid by cash or bank card opened in China upon the Finance Office. Those who have to pay the tuition fee are supposed to collect the payment order in the International Student Office and then finish the payment at the University Finance Office. Students can only finish the registration procedures and extension of residence permit after paying full fees.

5. About the New Semester Registration

Students are supposed to finish online registration between August 31 and September 17 via the Registration Office Website ( or or Smart Card Self-service Terminal in order to obtain the qualified status to study.

After Successful online registration, students need to report to the International Students Office or their own school with student ID and get registration stamp.

Failing in registration on time shall be regarded as ignorance of the university regulation and the student shall be punished and the student enrollment and apartment shall be canceled.

6. About Signing for Living Expenses

Scholarship students with living allowance are supposed to come to the International Students Office to sign for living allowance of September and October from September 10 to 13.

7. Regulations on Asking for Leave

Autumn Semester 2018 will officially start on September 3 and students are required to be back to Hust for courses or projects. Students who are unable to return to Hust on time must complete the leave formalities before August 31. The asking for leave need to be put in writing, and the applicant should submit the paper version application with signature on it to the ISO officer in charge. Those who violate this regulation will be given disciplinary punishment and scholarship students’ living allowance will be cancelled if their leave longer than 2 weeks.

Have a good summer vacation!

Apartment Service Center Contact:

Friendship:87543400; Huahong:87558236; Bojingge:87793163; Hongjing:18164264881; Tongyuan:83652232; Medical International Student Apartment:83630667。

International Student Office Contact:

Main Campus:87792038,87559551, 87793026, 87542457, 87557546

Tongji Campus:83692920


1.   Students confronted with special difficulties in summer vacation can come to their counselor, supervisor or ISO for direct help during working hours (8:30-11:30; 15:00-17:30)

2.   September 3 - September 7 ISO will be the period for new students welcome and reception. Current students are advised to come to the office in other time for student affairs.

School of International Education

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

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