Notice on the Use of HUST Electronic Resources
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To all the international students:

Recently, some international students have been punished as the wrong use of university electronic resources. International Student Office is highly concerned about this issue.

To normalize the use of university electronic resources, the International Student Office lists the relevant clauses as following, and requests all international students to obey:

1.   Any individual shall not continuously, systematically, centrally download the literature and hoard data. Each account is only allowed to continuously download less than 50 full texts once in one database.

2.   It is strictly prohibited to use any multithreaded download tool or other non-normal means to bulk download the electronic resources.

3.   No individual shall provide the documents obtained to the external personnel, nor shall the personal network account be provided to the external personnel for the use of the university's electronic resources, nor shall the use of the electronic resources of the library be used for any profit-making activities.

4.   Any individual, wanting to set up a proxy server, must get the library's permission.

Any individuals who violate the above provisions shall be punished in accordance with the following provisions:

i.  University shall take disciplinary measures against violators, and stop their access to all resources in the library.

ii.       If the violation is serious and violate the law, the violators shall bear legal responsibilities.

iii.    In the case of intellectual property disputes, the violators shall bear legal responsibility.

School of International Education

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

March 29, 2018





1. 不得连续、系统、集中下载文献和囤积数据,每个校园网帐户一次性连续下载同一网络数据库的全文数量不得超过50篇。

2. 严禁利用任何多线程下载工具或其他非正常手段批量下载电子资源。

3. 不得将所获得的文献提供给校外人员,也不得将个人网络账号提供给校外人员,更不允许利用图书馆电子资源进行任何营利性活动。



1. 违反规定的,学校将给予纪律处分,同时停止其对图书馆资源的使用权限。








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