Latest Notice on Residence Permit Application for International Students
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1. 准备好办理居留许可所需材料;(材料清单见附件一)

2. 填写《华中科技大学国际学生签证、居留许可申请表》;(附件二)

3. 通过武汉出入境APP(二维码附后)提交电子申请(操作指南详见附件三);

4. 到学校师生服务中心1号窗口提交纸质申请材料(师生服务中心地址详见附件四);

5. 3个工作日后,到师生服务中心1号窗口领取学校签发的公函;

6. 持学校公函及相关申请材料,到武汉市市民之家或光谷政务服务中心相关服务部门办理居留许可。

7. 将获得的居留许可页复印件提交国际学生办公室备案。



1. 学生首次办理居留许可或者为家属办理居留许可的,应到武汉市市民之家办理;

2. 学生领取学校签发的公函后,30日内必须将取得的新居留许可复印件提交国际学生办公室备案。否则,将被视为不良记录,影响其下一次办理签证/居留许可。

3. 同济校区的学生,请根据医科国际学生办公室的要求办理居留许可。




March 16th, 2018

Dear all international students,

According to the notice of Wuhan Exit-Entry Administration Bureau, Since March 2018, in addition to all necessary paper materials, electronic submission from Wuhan Exit-Entry Bureau APP (two-dimensional code attached) is also required for those international students who conduct a residence permit application. For students’ convenience, the University informs the procedures for application of the residence permit as follows.

I. Prepare all necessary documents for application (Annex 1 List of materials needed for Residence Permit Application).

II. Fill in <HUST International Student Administration & Service Form-- Visa/Residence Permit Application> (Annex 2).

III. Submit online application through Wuhan Exit-Entry Bureau APP (two-dimensional code attached) (Annex 3 Guidelines of Using the APP).

IV. Submit paper application materials to the window No. 1 of the HUST Administrative Service Center (Location attached in Annex 4).

V. Receive an official permission letter from University at the same Window which accepts application after 3 working days.

VI. Take all documents to apply for a residence permit in Wuhan Citizens Home or Administrative Service Center of Optics Valley.

VII. Submit a copy of the newest residence permit page to International Student Office for a record.

This notice is hereby notified.


I. For the first time application of residence permit, students shall visit Wuhan Citizens Home.

II. A copy of the newest residence permit shall be submitted to International Student Office within 30 days after your receiving the official permission letter issued by the University. Otherwise, it will be regarded as a bad record, which can affect the next visa / residence permit.

III. Students in Tongji Medical College should handle the residence permit according to the requirement of Medical International Student Office.


    Annex 1-List of Materials Needed for Residence Permit Applicatio.pdf

    Annex2-International Student Administration & Service Form-- VisaResidence Permit Applicatio.pdf

    Annex 3-Manual of  APP.pdf  

     Annex 4- Location of ASC.docx


School of International Education,HUST


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