Announcement for the Importance of Carrying Passport or Residence Permit
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December 24, 2012

Recently, 2 of our international students were fined 300 Yuan for not carrying passports or residence certificates with them under a police investigation.

According to Article 25 from Specific Regulations on the Entry and Exit of Aliens in People’s Republic of China, Aliens at the age of 16 and upwards who reside or stay in China shall carry with them their residence certificates or passports for possible examination by police in charge of foreign affairs.For those who cannot provide residence certificates as required by the police, or not carrying passports or residence certificates with them, or refuse to show these certificates while being investigated, they will be warned or fined up to 500 Yuan, or even forced to leave the country within a time limit.

In response to this incident, International Student Office is now kindly reminding all international students to carry passports or residence certificates with you during your study in China, and try to keep all your documents safe. In addition, all international students are encouraged to study more general knowledge on Chinese law and regulations to prevent any further illegalbehavior.

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