Notice about DRUNK DRIVING
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         1.  国际驾照在中国无效。所谓的“国际驾照”,是由联合国道路交通公约的各签字国政府机构或其授权机构,为该国驾照持有人签发的一份证明,但中国并没有加入该公约,所以国际驾照在中国无效。对于持有境外驾驶证的司机,需要到当地公安机关车辆管理部门换领中国机动车驾驶证。

         2.  严禁酒后驾驶。在中国,酒后驾驶是一项严重违反《中华人民共和国道路交通安全法》的犯罪行为,对于醉酒驾驶的处罚更是严厉。

Recently, one of our international students was sued in Wuhan Intermediate People’s Court for drunk driving without license, and the lawsuit is still under trial. According to the media, the student is suspected of being involved in committing dangerous driving crime and the court suggests the defendant to be detained for two months and a fine payment.

In response to this lawsuit, International Student Office is now reminding all international students to strictly abide by the Law of the People’s Republic of China during your study in China.

Kindly reminder:

1.      International Driver License (IDL) is not valid in China. The IDL is only valid in countries that have signed the 1949 Convention on Road Traffic to recognize properly licensed motorists and allow them to drive in different countries. However, China is not one of the participating countries. So for international drivers, you need to obtain an official Chinese driving license from the Vehicle Administration Department in your local Public Security Bureau.

2.      Drunk driving is strictly forbidden in China. Drunk driving is a critical crime against the Law of the People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety and drunk drivers will be severely punished according to Chinese Law and Regulations. 

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