HUST New Year's Party for Chinese and International Students in 2013
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The annual New Year’s party sponsored by the School of the International Education is now in the process of preparation,and you are warmly welcome on the dream stage of the party if you have any talents, showing yourself as well as the diverse culture of the world we’re living in today. The past New Year’s parties were so successful that not only students in and abroad were attracted, but also the local media including some major papers and television station. Undoubtedly, the party will remain in your memory as one of the best parts of your campus life!


SICA Night New Year’s Party for Chinese and International Students of HUST in 2013

Time and location(undetermined):

7:00 p.m.  December 28th, 2012

Lecture hall, School of Management  


International Student Office, School of International Education


SICA (Student International Communication of Association)


Sharen: 15002761578     Alice:  13995526166

Deadline for Collection:

December 8th. 2012

(p.s. One-to-one mode will be adopted. i.e. every performance unit will be assigned by a SICA member for consultant.)


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