A One-day Journey to Charming Wuhan
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           8:00  友谊公寓门口上车

           8:30  到达武汉的象征——黄鹤楼

          11:00  到武汉著名小吃街——户部巷

          12:30  到武汉明清建筑样本——昙华林

          14:30  到达武昌汉阳门码头,乘坐轮渡,游览中国第一大河——长江

          15:00  到达汉口武汉关码头,去江汉路步行街,看租界老建筑

          16:00  到达江滩公园,欣赏秋日芦苇

          17:00 乘车返回







Dear all Confucius Institute Scholarship students,

        The Office will organize a One-day Journey to Charming Wuhan sponsored by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters this Sunday, and the detailed information is as follows,


                 Sunday, Nov. 18th, 2012

        TARGET AT:

                 Confucius Institute Scholarship students enrolled in September, 2012


                 8:00  Get on the bus at the gate of Friendship Apart.

                 8:30   Arrive at Yellow Crane Tower----the symbol of Wuhan

                11:00  Arrive at Hubuxiang Lane---- a famous lane for Wuhan local food

                12:30  Arrive at Tanhualin Street---- museum of ancient architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasties in Wuhan

                14:30  take a ferry and go across the Yangtze River----the longest river of China, and the 3rd longest river on the earth.

                15:00  Arrive at Jianghanlu Pedestrain Street and appreciate European Style Architecture

                 16:00  Arrive at Jiangtan Garden and enjoy beautiful scenery of reed

                 17:00 Take bus and come back


                 1. Please take your student ID card which is very important

                 2. Take your digital camera and umbrella

                 3. Please go to Jerry to register before 17:00 on Nov.14, since I have to reserve a bus

                 4. Everything is free except that you eat snacks in Hubuxiang Lane.


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